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Iceland law on extradition:

A sends via PGPboard, 24 June 2010:

Assange is preparing to do a Fischer

WIKILEAKS insiders and activists are somewhat concerned about Assange's recent visit to Iceland, and its proposed media and data haven. This we regard as an interesting development.

However, what really concerns us are the discussions that took place between Assange and a small group of Icelandic politicians led by Birgitta Jonsdottir. The subject concerned Assange renouncing his Australian nationality, and taking Icelandic nationality, the reason for this is that Icelandic citizens cannot be extradited to the USA.

It would appear to the rank and file activists here at WIKILEAKS that Assange is trying to cover himself before he risks another high profile release of documents and video footage. However, just where that leaves the rest of us here at WIKILEAKS is another story, and just how exposed will we be. Assange's past assertions that WIKILEAKS will protect and represent ALL its sources has undergone a subtle change. NOW Assange asserts that WIKILEAKS WILL ATTEMPT to protest and represent its sources.

Assange has tried to open a dialog with the US government concerning Manning, and the 260,000 leaked documents. However the US government appears to be in no mood to accommodate Assange. Once the US government establishes the link between Manning and Assange then its game over for Assange and an international arrest warrant will be issues.

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