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Natsios Young Architects

24 September 2010. Add message from "Ronald Reagan."

9 September 2010

John Young, architect for 37 years, thinks this group spreads technical nonsense but its initiative may lead to full release of WTC investigative findings. Their popular appeal is based on the USG's refusing to release full WTC investigative findings of 9/11 and the causes underlying the collapse of the buildings. Partial releases available at NIST have stimulated demands for full release. Along with many others, Cryptome has filed FOIA requests to NIST for WTC investigative findings which have been publicly acknowleged as existing but will not be released due to alleged threat to national security.

Part of this threat appears to be due to the fact that many other buildings have vulnerabilities like those of the WTC structures and owners will not make corrections unless reimbursed by the USG. Thus AES911Truth may be underwritten by the real estate and insurance industries to extort funds from the USG, as have others since 911 now a booming industry of terrroism-victims-interest groups. Professional engineers and architects are complicit in this, some involved with WTC investigations, not only those associated with this group. Security measures are a classified racket among designers and security officials who shrewdly hide behind secrecy.

Bear in mind that most architects, officials and not a few engineers are not technical wizards but highly skilled at promotion and pushing risky products for handsome fees, aided and abetted by industry lobbyists, mashed-up building codes and lax enforcement of licensing law, especially in big cities where the greatest profits come from dangerous structures. Saying this in public is termed "professional suicide," a bluff assisted by shady codes of ethics, sealed court records of failures and omnipresent national security cover-for-all-errors.

Cryptome counter-FUD on the topic:

Not to omit the egregious venality of Ground Zero reconstruction, the ugly bloated structures which enrich a few developers, more officials and many professionals; the saccharine memorials which obliterate accountability for the disastrous failure; the repugnant political and financial exploitation of the dead and injured by the policy architects of the US, Europe, the Middle East, Afghanistan and black torture holes.

Scholar-architect Deborah Natsios of Cryptome has written and illustrated a powerful account of the post-9/11 security culture which underlies not only the Muslimophobia surrounding the downtown Cordova center but the wider obsessively threatened-by-surveillance metropolis. Published soon.

From: "PR Newswire" <Info[at]>
Subject: Press Release: 1,270 Architects/Engineers Reveal Hard Evidence Related to 9/11
To: cryptome[at]
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 04:03:02 -0600

1,270 Architects/Engineers Reveal Hard Evidence of Explosive Demolition at World Trade Center on 9/11

The DC press conference will be accessible via webcast, 2:00 pm September 9, 2010.

* For information on satellite press conferences in your area, contact CongressionalOutreachTeam [at]

To arrange print/broadcast interviews, with Richard Gage, AIA, contact Tania at 510-292-4710, or via email at 1000 [at]

CONTACT: David Slesinger 410-499-5403

SOURCE Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth


Former US Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) and Richard Gage, AIA, Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Discuss Scientific Findings

National Press Club, Washington DC, 2:00 pm, Thursday, September 9, 2010

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Thursday September 9, 2010, Gravel and Gage will host a central press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, presenting hard evidence that all three WTC skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, in NYC were destroyed by explosive controlled demolition.

Senator Gravel notes, "Critically important evidence has come forward after the original government building reports were completed."

This press conference will be webcast at and hosted concurrently in cities throughout the world.* Following the conference, there will be a mock debate during which public statements made by government investigators and other defenders of the official account will be presented and responded to in multimedia format. "They refuse to debate us in person," says Gage, "so we will let their public statements represent them."

Gage will release a media-friendly summary of his organization's findings, which are based on forensic evidence as well as video and eyewitness testimony that were omitted from official reports. He will show evidence that the WTC Twin Towers were not destroyed by jet plane impacts or fires, but by pre-set explosives and incendiaries. The non-profit organization, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, will also call for a grand jury investigation of government report lead engineers Shyam Sunder and John Gross of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. "They were in a position to know the evidence we have been presenting," says Gage.

Also speaking will be Florida State Professor Lance deHaven-Smith, who coined the academic term State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD). Prof. deHaven-Smith has appeared on Good Morning America, the Today Show, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather, and other national TV/radio shows.

24 September 2010

As a supporter of Cryptome, I must comment on your AE911 "FUD" comments of September 9th.

Equating Richard Gage and AE911 with corrupt NYC architects/officials is out of line.

Have you watched the TV ad?

Watched the Dan Rather video of the WTC-7 controlled demolition?

Better yet, why don't you apply your 37 years of experience to this video?

Do your best analysis of it using the scientific method and post it on Cryptome.

Don't Stop,

Ronald Reagan
Amerika, USSR

Cryptome: We watched these productions, and they do not support the claims made. Whether intended or not they are a mix of fantasy and credible material, characteristic of official accounts as well. The accounts are perforated with missing information, no doubt the material withheld by officials. However, they could help foster a credible account of what led to 9/11 which nobody who has access to classified information has been fully truthful about for official accounts are more perforated than those reviewed. Filling holes with speculation is probably what the officials want done to cloak their own deceptions.

Aside, bad science, products and policy have ballooned on the Internet in line with its seeming purpose to do just that: spread FUD, await the easy money for selling the "truth," aka advertising.