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Natsios Young Architects

11 October 2010

Cryptome Not "Breached"

A sends:

To JY: makes for a good read your pursuit of the hackers. Pity you mention zip about just whose id's may have been cracked. Come on JY you can do better.


Against what Wired has labeled "Secret-Spilling Sources at Risk Following Cryptome Breach" and others have echoed:

1. There has been no evidence provided to John Young that "ids have been cracked." by the alleged "breach." Cryptome has stated publicly any evidence from any source is welcomed, Wired included.

2. Until evidence is produced in public and legitimated the claims of "breach" are journalistic hyperbole and deliberate lies to manipulate consumers' credulity, a favorite of secretkeepers, advertisers and managers of information flow.

3. In constrast to this bombast, from the beginning it has been announced that all of Cryptome operations and John Young's LAN is accessible to skilled penetrators who know the benefits of keeping quiet and not brag about it. The same vulnerability applies to Wired, Wikileaks, governments, corporations, institutions and other authoritatives who hide their failures of source protection.

4. Information security and protection of sources are bogus. Lying about information security and source protection is as commonplace as public ignorance about them, privacy concerns a gloss.

5. Those who offer them lie to hide ignorance and claim ignorance when caught lying.

6. Secrecy is essential for this to work, lately cloaked in asymmetrical "open source" and "freedom of information activism."