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Natsios Young Architects

11 October 2010

Cryptome Offer to Hackers and Wired

You got Wired to publish your Cryptome hack. Fine. That will help distribute the Cryptome files as intended.

You claimed to hack John Young's email and LAN but no evidence has been published to prove that. If you did that you made a grave mistake that puts your future in jeopardy. If evidence is published to back up that claim you know it will be used to send you to prison, no matter the means used to air gap you as the source.

Get Wired to publish a promise that you will never publish, or aid publication, or aid criminal use of any file stolen from John Young's LAN or his Earthlink email system. You will not be believed if you claim the files have been destroyed beyond recovery.

If you can't get Wired to publish this promise as you got Wired to valorize your criminal vandalism then you will be sent to prison and Wired condemned to the bloated hall of shameless exploitative journalism. We will support that with the help of generous participants who far excell you in technical capabilities and publishing resources and with the time to donate to the constructive reeducation of you and Wired.

We have assembled enough information already to predict your capture and prosecution. It will be published for easy pickings by officials, no cowardly dealing and snitching needed as you and Wired have done.

It is up to you and Wired to perform a public act of contrition and to learn a lesson as an admirable example to others who have lost their ethical bearings.