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3 August 2010. Timothy Webster writes:

I was certainly surprised to see that somebody went to the trouble of compiling some sort of clumsy pseudo-dossier on me, particularly given my general lack of importance with regard to... well, just about anything, really. It's apparently amateur hour, given the inaccuracies and conspiratorial tone when no conspiracy exists, but I'm flattered by the effort. I propose to the source that he/she find a more worthwhile hobby to pass the time.

2 August 2010

A sends:

In a BBC interview with Adrian Lamo he states that he actually contacted a friend formerly with Army Counterintelligence to inform on Manning. The former agent is a man named Timothy Douglas Webster who Lamo has known for many years. The two met on America Online when they were both involved in the AOL hacking scene. Mr. Webster [personal information deleted by Cryptome] and Lamo remain very close friends.

Lamo comments about calling a friend in Army Counterintelligence.

Webster's Facebook profile

Webster, part of "Task Force Vigilant Freedom," awarded the Commendation Medal

Flickr account Webster uses: timothy.d.webster [at]

Online, Webster uses the alias "Tarrant"

Within the comments of this RawStory article Webster outs himself as a former Counterintelligence Agent and gives the email tarrant[at]

Webster also appears to be active on where many current and former hackers talk in an online forum. Webster uses the forum names Tarrant, ZombieTarrant, and Tarrant042 to make posts.

Googling Tarrant042 brings up posts at Huffington Post, RawStory, DigitalGangster, and link to Adrian Lamo's account with Tarrant042 added as a friend.