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17 October 2010

CENTCOM Iraq War SIGACTS File Lists -- Wikileaks Pre-Empt?

Wired reports 15 October 2010 about the upcoming Wikileaks dump:

"In Washington, the Pentagon is bracing for the impact. The Defense Department believes the leak is a compilation of the “Significant Activities,” or SIGACTS, reports from the Iraq War, and officials have assembled a 120-person taskforce that’s been scouring the database to prepare for the leak, according to spokesman Col. Dave Lapan."

CENTCOM has posted four long lists of SIGACTS Data (not the files themselves) in its FOIA Reading Room for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (through 7/16/2007), all dated 30 July 2007:

For the four years about 236,000 SIGACTS files are listed by Date Occurred, Attack Type, Target and City. Again, these are only lists of files. Excerpt:


It is not known if these are related to the upcoming Wikileaks dump, and if so, whether they are intended to pre-empt or diminish the impact of the dump. SecDef Gates' recently reported private letter on the limited security significance of the Wikileaks Afghan War dump, along with these files, could be an information management campaign to defuse the Wikileaks bombshell campaign.

Downloading the PDFs was erratic this morning so Cryptome offers the four as a single package and individually, Zipped: (9.5MB)

2007, ~66,000 files listed, 2,369 pages, 2.5MB

2006, ~81,000 files listed, 2,882 pages, 3.1MB

2005, ~54,000 files listed, 1,944 pages, 2.3MB

2004,~35,000 files listed, 1,265 pages, 1.5MB