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4 August 2010. Add Adrian Lamo message.

4 August 2010. Add HOPE statement and link to audio recording of the informants panel.

4 August 2010


Vigilant Spectacle of Hacker Snitches

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Subject: Lamo / Webster / Manning

Timothy Webster was and may still be employed by DIA. Adrian Lamo has been working on asymmetrical infowar tactics for NSA through a series of shell companies since 2007, almost as soon as he was released from probation. The "PROJECT VIGILANT" thing is just intended to draw attention away from this aspect.

"VIGILANT SPECTACLE" is a real project tied to this. The name overlap is deliberate confusion.

I'm not briefed in on how this relates to Manning.

The Snitch Series:

lamo-webster.htm      Adrian Lamo and Timothy Douglas Webster          August 3, 2010
vigilant-fraud.htm    Project Vigilant Is a Fraud                      August 3, 2010
vigilant-spies.htm    Chet Uber and Richard Brandt Vigilante Spies     August 3, 2010
lamo-shimomura.htm    Adrian Lamo Los Alamos Tsutomu Shimomura         July 24, 2010
wikileaks-snitch.htm  Wikileaks Blows the Whistle on Snitches          July 22, 2010
lamo-questions.htm    Adrian Lamo Questions on Manning and Wikileaks   July 19, 2010
manning-charge.pdf    US Army Bradley Manning Detailed Charge Sheet    July 6, 2010 (1.2MB)
lamo-greenwald.htm    Blinded by Contempt - Adrian Lamo on G Greenwald July 5, 2010
lamo-denies.htm       Adrián Lamo Denies One Wikileaks Case Thoughts   July 2, 2010

Adrian Lamo at HOPE Panel on Informants, 18 July 2010:


Four other panelists, Emmanuel Goldstein, Kevin Mitnick, Bernie X and Phiber Optic, made valuable statements on hacker informants and the latter three described how they were harmed by snitches. Emmanuel Goldstein said it is understood in the hacker community that up to 1 out of 5 hackers are informants.

Emmanuel Goldstein, of 2600, said a full video of the panel will be provided shortly.

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Here you can find the complete audio recording of the informants panel at HOPE.

Informants: Villains or Heroes?

We’ve all seen the headlines and know that much of the controversy has a presence right here at HOPE. For those who don’t know, or who just want a summary, one of our keynote speakers, Julian Assange, the main force behind whistleblower site, became a marked man after one of his sources was allegedly identified by someone within the hacker community. The leaker had reportedly boasted to hacker Adrian Lamo (after seeing his name in a Wired article) about sending 260,000 U.S. State Department classified documents to According to Lamo, that claim was enough to make him decide to call the authorities and become an informant. The U.S. government became extremely interested in finding out whether Assange had these documents at and it became abundantly clear that his appearance in the States to speak at HOPE would lead to interrogations, detainment, and possibly worse. At press time, the alleged leaker (an Army intelligence analyst), was being held incommunicado in a U.S. Army brig in Kuwait pending charges.

Our community has been thrust into the middle of this global controversy due to the multiple connections to the various players. There are a number of contentious questions and issues that we’re all dealing with right now. Was the leaker a hero for releasing information, including a widely sought video of U.S. troops killing unarmed Reuters staffers? Was Lamo a hero for turning someone in who was leaking classified information? Is a vital resource or a threat to society? How should we as a community deal with this? And is this story being reported accurately and fairly?

Join us for what will be a most fascinating and enlightening panel discussion where you’ll hear firsthand perspectives on the issues of leaking information and turning people in, subjects that have always been of great interest to those in the hacker world. If you made plans to go home Sunday afternoon, this is worth rescheduling your trip and paying any penalties involved. Trust us.

Sunday 1400 Tesla (90 minutes)

Download: (45MB)

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