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6 September 2010

Note: While a little bit unusual for Cryptome to dabble in the authenticity racket, wink, the "Wikileaks insiders" are likely imposters fabricated by a person or persons unknown. Jónsdóttir is correct in asking that these persons reveal identity.

Alan Taylor sends:

Wikileaks - Birgitta Jónsdóttir Clarifies Her Position


for original open email to Brigitta Jonsdottir

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dear Alan

the messenger should never become the message as has happened with JA
i however fear that the media circus would make me into yet another mythic person that
is not good for wikileaks at all

wikileaks should have spokes people that are conservative and not strong persons, rather dull, so to speak
so that the message will be delivered without the messenger getting all the attention

whilst i find it to be important to speak out about how i find it troubling to mix together
wikileaks and personal matters like is happening right now - i have no desire to take over as a front person

i feel the most urgent matter is that the core people of wikileaks will have a meeting
where structure and transparency issues are solved

wikileaks has grown so much in the last few months but the needed structure of more horizontal nature has
not grown the same - most of us working as volunteers for wikileaks do not feel at ease with pyramid structure in power

i do not know who wikileaks insiders are but feel they should step forward
and show some transparency themselves...

all my best

Birgitta Jónsdóttir


Alan Taylor
PGPBOARD Administrator
London, England