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26 July 2010

A sends:

Wikileaks Assange Inconsistent on 2007 Apache Attack

In Julian Assange's interview with Colbert on April 12, 2010 they discuss the controversy regarding the 2007 Apache incident[1][2]. Assange @ 5:19 tells Colbert (direct quote),

"We have classified records that show that, in fact, that all that there was 28 mins before hand there was a report of small arms fire the person involved was not ID'd and the location was not ID'd."

These classified documents have yet to be released, however, there is an eye witness account of the events[3]. One Ethan McCord speaks at the UNPC in July of the same year and goes on to say,

@ 2:55

"we started funneling into an alley way to leave the area when some locals on roof tops above us started firing their AK-47s at us. We took cover along a wall and were returning fire. We could hear other fire from another platoon just a few blocks from us as well. On the net we could hear they were taking small arms as well as RPG fire. That's when I heard it. The very distinct fire of an Apache helicopter."

In closing. 28 mins did not pass before the Apaches were actively engaged. From eye witness testimony we can confirm that there were active fire fights occurring at that very instant. Assange claims to have documents to prove this, yet none have been released.