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Natsios Young Architects

4 October 2010

<Guest65412> If Wikileaks does not rise-up soon send your submission to Cryptome via regular mail in hardcopy or on a CD, a method more secure than any online method and it is also one recommended by Wikileaks. Sanitize the material and its container so they cannot be traced to the source. If hardcopy reproduce at a generic copy service distant from your location. If digital protect the submission content by encrypting with PGP. Generate a one-use key pair using a disposable pseudonym and email address. Cryptome PGP public key and mail address at Mail from a different location from where you are located to avoid postmark tracing. Believe no promises of protection, roll the dice.

Wikileaks Upload Unpublished

A sends:

I saw this lurking on the wikileaks irc ( Someone uploaded a file to wikileaks, and it seems that someone else suggests they might upload it to cryptome as wikileaks is currently down. This was a few hours before your site was hacked, so I thought this might be related to it.

[18:38] <Guest65412> is anyone available to answer a query regarding an uploaded document (uploaded on August 20, 2010) that has not yet appeared on Wikileaks' website? thank you

[18:41] <Guest94331> the site is down at the moment

[18:45] <ReleaseItAlready> Guest94331 what a rude piece of shit you are! Did your mother drop you as a child?

[18:45] <Guest65412> I have uploaded a document on August 20, 2010. How long does it take for Wikileaks toclear a document and release it for publication on its website?

[18:46] <ReleaseItAlready> As a scale Guest65412 most op can do server maintenance in 5-10 minutes so far its taken the wikileaks teams 2 days that I know of!

[18:46] <Guest94331> not rude at all just asking a social question but get no answers, who is rude now

[18:47] <ReleaseItAlready> Quote Guest94331 "fucking hell no wonder people dont come here you fucking ignorant cunts"

[18:47] <Guest94331> and are you an op/moderator

[18:48] <ReleaseItAlready> No I just have manners

[18:55] <Guest72594> According to it sounds like wikileaks is blocking JA's access to the server

[18:55] <ReleaseItAlready> Try its your bandwidth. But im not sure how you would be able to upload as the site is down. Can you not read that little notice at the top of the screen?

[18:56] <Guest94331> Guest65412 i can publish it if you want

[18:56] <Guest72594> or you might consider -> via encrypted email/pgpboard

[18:57] <Guest65412> thank you for your suggestions. are these suggestions etc the same as wikileaks or a completely different medium?

[18:58] <Guest94331> do you want me to publish them to the world

[18:59] <ReleaseItAlready> Dont trust pgpboard. And Cryptome has poor security. Call your local paper and release it to them.

[19:00] <Guest65412> I would like to publish them on wikileaks as the site is watched daily by our directors who fear their censorship will be leaked

[19:00] <ReleaseItAlready> Dont trust Guest94331 he couldn't even make a username

[19:00] <Guest94331> nick #ohyesican

[19:00] <Guest94331> lol

[19:01] <Guest94331> nick ohyesican

[19:01] <ReleaseItAlready> he cannot even issue commands to the IRC server

[19:01] <Guest94331> fuck it

[19:01] <memefilter> /nick

[19:01] <ReleaseItAlready> try it with a slash noob

[19:01] <Guest94331> do you mean nob

[19:01] <ReleaseItAlready> i meant what i said

[19:01] <Guest94331> noob hahahaha

[19:01] <Guest94331> pro are we

[19:02] <Guest65412> Again, I would dearly like to publish on wikileaks. If anyone has a suggestion as to how I can best get the document published I'd be most greatful.

[19:02] <ReleaseItAlready> wait for the server to go back online

[19:02] <Dojer> i think your supposed to join #wikileaks and submit there somehow, waiting for the server would probably be best

[19:02] <Guest94331> i can release it to all press media throughout the world by tomorow

[19:03] <memefilter> IRC has no secure submit feature

[19:03] <ReleaseItAlready> patients young jedi your planet is not under attack!

[19:04] <Guest94331> oh god

[19:04] <Dojer> lol so why is everyone here?

[19:04] <Dojer> other than 65412 who would like to publish

[19:04] <ReleaseItAlready> Waiting for the remained of the afg.csv file

[19:05] <Dojer> /help Basic IRC Commands

[19:05] <ReleaseItAlready>

[19:06] <Dojer> lol just on there ;)

[19:06] <ReleaseItAlready> Use the force Luke

[19:06] <Guest65412> I have been informed that lawyers check the document submitted to wikileaks. Do any of you how long it takes (I submitted on August 20, 2010). Thank you

[19:07] <Dojer> hmmm none of them seem to work though, makes sense, you dont want to give anyone access

[19:07] <ReleaseItAlready> 36 hours 27minutes 18 seconds

[19:08] <Dojer> list

[19:09] <Dojer> lol well i wish you all well, probably shouldn't be remembering how to IRC here, ill go find a practice server somewhere =P

[19:13] <Guest65412> I gather that none of you know how long it takes for a document to appear on wikileaks. It's quite an important document as it shows misuse of taxpayers' money of a publicly funded organisation in development aid in a western, democratic country

[19:15] <lioness> why would it be time sensitive?

[19:16] <ReleaseItAlready> if its that important call your LOCAL TV STATION