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9 October 2010. Add:

Cryptome Hack and Consequences: http://cryptome-org/0002/cryptome-hack4.htm

5 October 2010. Add:

Cryptome: On Kim Zetter's report on the hack: Cryptome has never promised security to correspondents at its end, that has to be done at the sender's end with the caveat often repeated here, there is no online security, none. Digital security is the weakest of all forms of communication, leaky by design to "facilitate administration and provide security."

Security along with sacred cow encryption are fraudulent by design, check with a cryptographer mediating all sides. Cryptome frequently posts warnings of its untrustworthiness due to it being an online outlet in the vast spying apparatus, the Internet.

Wikileaks among many others -- ISPs, email providers, governments, security peddlers, commercial firms, non-profits, banks -- promises impossible protection as a deceptive lure. Network Solutions and Earthlink have called to say they are not at fault for the hack while promising to provide maximum help to lawful investigators but not directly to John Young and Cryptome. Instead they suggest we sign-up for advanced security products, else we are at fault for their incompetency -- security hustlers favorite exculpation.

Both expressed "very servious concern" about the hack, but repeated they were not at fault. Both made security suggestions to be kept "secret from the enemy," the infamous "security by obscurity," a certain sign of poor security. This legalese script is the typical CYA response of those promising security and confidentiality, including officials, Wikileaks, journalists and hackers, all in a pea pod together flogging their brand of " 'information wants to be free' for us but not for others who must pay or be put at risk," a modern version of the ancient threat to burn in hell.

Apt back-scratching triangulation of governmental protection of religion and press.

Cliches of "secret spilling" and "whistleblowing" are not what Cryptome does, those are bombastic patois of touts.

5 October 2010

Wired Complicit in Federal Crimes by Hacker

Kim Zetter with Wired is writing a story on the Cryptome hack and said just now (about 2PM) by telephone to have spoken to the person who did the hack and has seen evidence from the hacker to support the hack claim.

The hacker claims to have accessed John Young's email at Earthlink, a federal crime, and Zetter said she was shown screen shots of email to prove access. Zetter cited specific John Young emails the hacker claimed to have, one a confidential tip to Wired's Noah Shachtman using a pseudonym. Zetter said she confirmed with Shachtman that he had received the tip from the pseudonym.

Zetter said the hacker described accessing the Cryptome Network Solutions account, another federal crime.

Zetter also said the hacker claims to have accessed John Young emails and other material concerning Wikileaks, specifically related to "Wikileaks insiders" and material submitted to Wikileaks.

Zetter said the hacker claims to have downloaded 7 Terabytes of Cryptome and John Young material. That is a thousand times the 7GB on Cryptome, thus the hacker is exaggerating or has downloaded material from John Young's computer system, another federal crime.

John Young told Zetter to report that Cryptome has no objection to rummaging through Cryptome material, it is all open source, but that the crimes of accessing private email, the ISP account and John Young's computer system will be pursued. "We will burn the hacker's ass for that," he said to Zetter, "be sure to print that."

John Young told Zetter she will be subpoenaed as a witness to the federal crimes and is likely complicit in the crime by withholding information about them from law enforcement. Zetter was also told she is lying about the extent of material she has been shown by the hacker.

Zetter asked that this discussion not be reported on Cryptome until her story appears. John Young said sure. Zetter said but you always report interviews. That's right, he said.


Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 10:47:45 -0700
Subject: Wired reporter trying to reach you
From: Kim Zetter <Kim_Zetter[at]>
To: <jya[at]>,
CC: <jy35[at]>

Hi John,

I left you a voicemail message. I wanted to speak with you about the hack 
of Cryptome that occurred this last weekend. I’ve chatted with one of the 
hackers taking responsibility for the breach and wanted to discuss it with 
you. Can you ring me at 415.276.4917 when you get a chance? We’re looking 
at publishing the story early this afternoon.

Kim Zetter