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17 December 2010. Add A2 response.

15 December 2010

Wikileaks Cables Amok

A sends:

In the last days I have been following the release of a bunch of US diplomatic cables from W-i-k-i-l-e-a-k-s. All of them were initially released uncensored but as you might know some of them have been removed, others have been partially redacted (a.k.a. censored) without any kind of prior notice.

The people from WL said that they will redact some of the names in order to remove personal identifiable information but in fact they have removed full paragraphs that although they could be a little bit embarrassing for US diplomacy they do not put anybody at risk.

For example:

- There were 13 cables deleted from WL cablegate site (e.g.: #09LONDON1385).

- At least 11 cables were slightly redacted (e.g.: #07PARIS322).

- 138 cables published by Lebanese Al-Akhbar paper but not yet put into WL.

- 33 cables disclosed by the British paper The Guardian but not yet in WL.

I have not seen or read any news regarding this strange change of policy in any media so this is the reason I think you might be interested to know about it and maybe publish it in your site for public scrutiny.

You can check the differences with the uncensored cables at:

* http://leakager742hufco.onion (with tor as its a hidden service)


A2 sends:

I am curious about 'A sends' on

It is stated by A that 'There were 13 cables deleted from WL cablegate site (e.g.: #09LONDON1385).' The latter cable is a bad example because I downloaded the most recent archive of the cables from (a file called  cablegate-201012161015.7z) and the cable #09LONDON1385 is in there, and it is also on the 'Cable Viewer' and also it is not one of the missing or redacted cables that are mentioned on the site that A links to: