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5 December 2010

Wikileaks DADT

A sends:

The unexplained delay by the Swedish Prosecution Authority in advancing the case against Julian Assange may be due to the time needed to complete blood tests on the alleged victims for sexually transmitted disease, especially for HIV, tests for which require 6 to 12 weeks, rather than for pregnancy test results obtainable much quicker.

If the sexual activity was in part anal in which condom breakage is common, condom failure would have terrified the other parties suddenly confronted with the threat of bi-sexual misogyny characterized by female seduction as prelude to conflicted male homophilic aggression -- residue of witnessed father-and-mother coupling parental incest desire.

If HIV is suspected, or found, there is a requirement to track other potential victims by interviews and other forms of tracing. This begins with testing of the transmitter, if available and willing, followed by interviews on the sexual history of the transmitter and suspected victims, then notification and testing of suspects. The time required for this can be lengthy or short depending on the history and candor of the transmitter, many of whom lie to evade culpability.

These investigations are customarily kept confidential to induce candid revelations. In some instances courts may order disclosure if a transmitter balks so that affected parties can receive tests and medical care.

Beyond this, Assange is suspected of being bi-sexually promiscuous and not attentive to partners after brief or extended relationships, often concurrently multiple as in the Swedish instance, in which he insists on being a dominant controller and insensitive to the after-needs of his companions.

More generally, defiance toward him leads to immediate breakoff of relationships, with dissidents blamed and denigrated.

He has repeatedly demonstrated intolerance toward those he recruits for his various ventures, Wikileaks the latest. He recruits with flattery of targets and promises of important stature in the actions, maintains dominance over those less capable than he with vulgar bragging about his recruitment successes, and dismisses anyone who challenges his supremacy. Refusing or walking out of interviews and halting discussions is typical. He much prefers to orate without interruption, inveterately solipsistic.

He is hyper-sensitive to criticism and loses his temper rather than answer disagreements. He believes he is smarter than his doubters and has no patience with those who do not succumb to flattery, oration and bullying.

In turn, he craves praise and flattery, and becomes depressed and suicidal if he does not get those from admirers he cultivates for that purpose -- susceptible adorants and especially those more notable than he. "Kicks down, kisses up."

He has left a trail of persons infected by what he promises, were used by him so long as they were believers, then abandoned when not. His wife and children among them; only his mother remains as loyal as a dominating wife -- perhaps the source of his misogynism and homophilic longing for a dominant father (a characterisic among many shared with Obama).

He suffers an emotional and intellectual messianism for which he believes there is no antidote. He does not expect to be punished for infecting with promises of glory and love as done with Bradley Manning and others yet untracked. If he is also spreading a fatal disease such as HIV he is intentionally sacrificing victims as his last god-like action so common in narcissists.

His quick cooperation with Swedish blood tests could put this frightening scenario to rest, or provide aid for immediate treatment of those who may have been victimized. This can be done quietly without public disclosure although Wikileaks has published confidential sexual investigations with names of innocents.