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26 November 2010. Related:

Toward a Taxonomy of Secrets:

24 November 2010

Wikileaks Secret Dreams

If the next big Wikileaks dump is composed of State Department cables what then is in the insurance.aes256 file or other information reserved for protection against shutdown?

It would be foolish of Wikileaks to release all it has and lose the protection of threatening future releases.

The size of the encrypted 1.2GB insurance file might fit thousands of cables but it might contain other material not yet publicly disclosed.

Wikileaks reportedly has hundreds of other files which have been received but not published because of the attention given to the Afghan and Iraq war files.

Files on other governments have been mentioned: Russia, China, European and Asian nations.

What would be impressive would be files on North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and perhaps most signficantly, Israel -- its weaponry, war plans, assassination squads, foreign sources of funds, Mossad and its collaborators.

Files on weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological. Top secret files of the IAEA on nuclear non-proliferation contributed and deceptively withheld by a bevy of nations, i.e., the CIA's Valerie Plame and related front companies.

Files of global WMD research laboratories and the status of reserve stocks of offensive and defensive weapons.

War plans of all nations, for and against one another.

Reports and training literature on black prisons and torture chambers held by and shared among military and spy agencies.

Files of clandestine spy agencies and their operatives.

Files on human rights abuses, for example, secret Red Cross reports on visits to the world's prisons.

Files of billionaire political meddlers.

Files of the major world banks and their attorneys.

Files of national tax agencies.

Perhaps the crown jewels would be the volumnious archives of The Vatican's two millennia of worldwide complicity with the globe's most evil empires. Second best, the Islamic version.

But why stop with information of exaggerated importance hoarded and bragged about by simple-minded secretkeepers?

Dream of what else should be known but has been forever out of reach. What nightmare would most terrify fabricators and marketers of deepest secrets? Even demolish newby Wikileaks and its venerable media and governmental collaborators now paranoically plotting secretly with and against each other what would best advance their mutual interests.

Secrecy begets ever more secrecy. Dream of the end of secrecy.