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7 February 2011

Wikileaks Panoramic Dupery

A sends:

Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

This title will be released on February 15, 2011.


Domscheit-Berg will be on BBC Panorama's investigation of Wikileaks tonight:

On the eve of the extradition hearing to decide whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange must return to Sweden to face rape allegations, Panorama talks to his former right hand man who walked out last year. Assessing what WikiLeaks and its exposing of sensitive offcial material has achieved, the film examines claims that the organisation famous for leaking government secrets was paranoid about leaks from within and that it has failed to live up to its own ideals on openness.

Cryptome was interviewed for this show via Skype but not likely to be included due to hostility toward BBC's poor preparation and glib treatment all too common in the slick media. This was the last of some 60 interviews of Cryptome about Wikileaks, of which only three had done sufficient background research to have a beneficial exchange, and those were truncated or omitted to feature lurid reporting. All the others quoted only shallow news reports to seek gossip-grade commentary pretending to be newsworthy.

Cryptome told a researcher for Panorama to go away until deeper research had been done. It was promised but not done, instead a "celebrated" reporter was assigned to do the interview and fumbled and faked knowledgeability as we watched him turn to others in the background for guidance to Cryptome accusations about mishandling and trivialization by the media of the Wikileaks furor, especially by focusing on Julian Assange and avoiding far more important benefits and faults of such initiatives.

That led to even greater background fumbling among the Panorama staff because nobody advising the interviewer appeared to know much about the depth and breadth of Wikileaks-like initiatives, only how to milk the controversy for lucrative headlines as the media-manufactured-celebrity Assange has been willingly seduced into doing. Leaked documents of Swedish allegations of seduction an amplifying sideshow arranged by Assange's lawyers and publicists.

The sordid underground economy in stolen information of which Wikileaks is a tiny part, and for which the media is a major facilitator and dupe got the usual incredulity by the BBC interviewer. For a glimpse of Internet predations by hackers in this black trade see Kevin Poulsen's Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground. That aspect of Wikileaks is yet to be deeply understood much less reported.

There is much more of the operations, technology, staffing and concealment of black information traffficking being ignored thanks to the Wikileaks entertaining diversion beguiling sappy-vain media, bloggers, lawyers, panelists, moviemakers, prosecutors, publicity agents, publishers, and other celebrity-mongerers eager to promote valiant public service to "spill secrets" to gull wealthy donors and game media consumers.