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11 January 2011

Wikileaks Hell

A writes:

I'm currently trying to find out why there haven't been any new cable releases at WikiLeaks since the 5th of January. This is the longest interval with no new leaks since the beginning of "Cablegate".

Do you know why this is? Even when Julian Assange was in a London prison, new leaks were published almost every day. Have you heard anything from your sources?


Wikileaks often uses the technique of withholding releases to build suspenseful drama for a bombshell release. This is done when a current campaign is flagging as it has with the very slow intravenous drip of cables -- meant to be deliberately narcotizing and addictive, with hyper-drugged commentary about the cables stupidly brayed under influence of the mostly pharma-grade placebics.

The teasing taunts about releasing a bank's files is another technique that has been used, consistent with previous roll-outs of much ado about little, bait and switch. Julian bragged about this illusory effect yesterday.

The release, leak, of the whole collection to other newspapers is part of the campaign -- this is to goad the first tranche of partners to make more of their privileged access.

Julian's recent exaggerated claim of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per week is a part of this methodology. As you know, he issues highly quotable statements as a manner of speech. His bloviation is masterful advertising or entertainment or political grandstanding or preaching depending on your bias.

These are pretty common methods of publicity and fund-raising campaigns which have been in evidence with Wikileaks since the fall of 2009 when the site was closed for several months as the initiation of a new publicity initiative, finally capitulating to the previously oft-attacked means and methods of commercial journalism (and other over-hyped authoritatives, governments perhaps the leader).

I assume that professional publicists and experienced journalists have been advising since that time to keep public interest alive and well, aided and abetted by those who adore being threatened so funds can be demanded for defense of sacred cows.

You have read about Wikileaks hiring a publicity firm, which appears rather comically redundant, but as the professional authoritatives bellow in public and whisper in secret, you cannot have too much lurid publicity about existential threats and salvation. Julian's messianism is daftly expert, in the vein of precursors idolized for their performances of rap, bling, crotch-grab, mac mansions, tell-all books, political deceptions, scandalous sexual misbehavior.

Expect a dramatic release or shocking event of some kind shortly in orchestrated response to "what is going on with Wikileaks." Or where is my drip.

My bible book about this will be the first to massively inject the public in the eyeballs, out in a few days. It will tell the story of millennia of manipulation of human boredom with everything for all time. It will deliver holier than hell, thanks to the addictively intravenous Internet.