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10 December 2012

AJ Dicken

A sends:

Subject: UN WSA Africa resources rape and weapon trafficking neo-Nazi

Primary Name: Authur James Dicken

Aliases: AJ Dicken, Arthur James Dicken Jr.

Aurthur James Dicken, a white supremist and convicted felon, carries a full United Nations WSA IGO diplomatic passport and makes claims to be both a retired SEAL as well as current CIA operative. He claims to have worked at Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone and that he planned that operation with the EO founders.

Dicken has been observed handling weapons that are possibly illegal for felons. (See photos and video captures below). Videos found online indicate he has handled pistols, AR-15s, and even a Barrett .50 calibre rifle.

Dicken is the chief of security and is named as the sole provider of security and logistics for all 28 sovereign nations of WSA (, part of the United Nations Millenium Goals for 2015/2025. You can see him making presentations during the WSA Burundi meeting back in September 2012.

The diplomatic passport which Dicken carries, along with various forged documents, have been reported to be used in attempts to create international bank accounts and conceal funds.

A (front?) company named "Curtis Whitney Holdings" (aka "CW Holdings") is known to have provided backing to Dicken with resources and access to partners for resource exploitation in Africa, specifically gold, diamonds, and uranium are primary resources.

Dicken spent at least two weeks in October, 2012 in Burundi, Africa meeting  with defense ministers there. See Dicken dressed in tan in photo #4.

Per photographic evidence (Photo #5), it appears that Alian Lemiux, president of the WSA IGO may have first-hand contact with Dicken. The diplomatic passport issuance suggests Dicken has further contacts and alliances within the umbrella of the United Nations.

Don Shipley is not too happy that this is a fake SEAL either:

From the WSA IGO itself there is further info:

1 - Video shot - Dicken, left, with AR15


2 - Video shot - Dicken with AR15


3 - Video shot - Dicken with AR15


4 - Dicken in Burundi - October 2012


5 - Dicken and Alian Lemiux - President of WSA