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19 August 2012

Why Assange Remained Within an Embassy Window to Deliver a Speech

Assange speech photos:


Based on photos of Assange's appearance at the Ecuadorian Embassy he carefully did not cross the legal boundary of the embassy, that is, the national boundary of Ecuador, by stepping onto the balcony where two videographers were positioned. (A protruding balcony is considered to be outside a building in most laws governing buildings.) This could indicate recognition that if he had crossed the boundary police could have entered the embassy to arrest him on the grounds that he had breached the national boundary and thereby lost asylum protection.

An inadvertent transgression, violating a precise definition of a boundary like a national border, has been used in many other cases to pursue a person across the boundary -- borders of the Soviet satellites and US borders, for example.

Assange was awkwardly positioned in the embassy window frame to face the entire widespread crowd as he would have been able to do if he had stood on the balcony.

Toward the end of his speech Assange looked skyward, perhaps toward a helicopter which may have been video-taping his exact position. A toe, a foot, an arm might be forgiven, but a fully body likely not. Evidence will tell if he went too far, or will be accused of doing so.

His own two videographers will have evidence of compliance, although it is not clear if his lower body was taped. Photographs taken by the crowd could show more if they were zoomed to the border of Ecuador at Assange's lower body.

Not to be overlooked, however, is that his position within the window frame could have been for quick escape against violence or kidnap, official or otherwise.


Assange is an inch or so taller than the interior frame of the window (photos show he stooped to pass through the frame). Thus it would have been more convenient to move to the balcony for the speech if not advised against it.


Assange's shoe remains on the window sill, the Ecuador national boundary. Shoe and sill enlarged below.


Shoe toe over the sill edge but within the Ecuador boundary.