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14 December 2012

File removed at the personal request of Ms. Ellen Glasser by telephone today.

16 December 2012

A writes:

Hello, I was wondering what exactly former FBI Ellen Glasser said/asked that you felt necessary to comply with her request to take down your "Retired SEALs and FBI" series/links. Was it a plea/concern for safety for some on the list? I'm a long-time "anonymous" reader and have never emailed you about anything before now. But it just drew my curiosity since I have never seen you redact anything you have posted previously; that is not to say you have not done so -- just that I am not aware of it.


We periodically remove files of a personal nature upon a personal request, so long requests are made politely without threatening. Several dozen* over 16 years, I would guess. None removed in response to an official or personal threat unless I have blocked that shameful memory.

Ms. Glasser said she would appreciate removal and was not making a threat.

I said if a threat eventually came in the files would be reposted.

Big talk. If a SEAL gets my neck in a chokehold and my eye at the point of a K-Bar, I'm persuadable.


*99.9% of the requests about names in this file:

.01% of the requests about names in this file: