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7 September 2012

LA Prosecutor Patrick Frey Chats with Barrett Brown 2

Part 1:

Barrett Brown sends:

This is the kind of thing that interests this fucking prosecutor after
HBGary caught going after journalists, me, Anonymous, Greenwald, etc.


Patrick: How is it that Think Progress is reporting that the Chamber
of Commerce dug up info on Velvet Revolution -- yet we only see
e-mails about Brad Friedman and not about his partner, convicted
bomber Brett Kimberlin?
 me: Velvet Revolution?
11:41 PM You and I may use differing terminology
  I don't read Think PRess as they get their info from us
 Patrick: It's almost as if Think Progress didn't publish the e-mails
about Kimberlin that certainly were sent
 me: Nor am I a liberal, remember
  one sec
  I should note that we've been going over tens of thousands of e-mails
  plus docs that Barr wanted to sell to FBI, with my name in them
 Patrick: Velvet Revolution is the organization that Brad Friedman set
up with convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin
 me: who's this person?
11:42 PM oic
  I'll make sure it's run
  give me a summary, plz?
  Then I'll go through raws and find it all
 Patrick: I have written about Kimberlin
 me: You know we have an app up by which you can search through all
the e-mails, right?
  it goes up and down
  we're building mirrors
  I'll tell you, though
11:43 PM me: that I spoke to Tom Callamore on Friday of the Chamber and spoke to Aaron Barr on Sunday, right after we jacked his info and took over HBGary's server neither did very well 11:44 PM okay, so Kilberlin is a terrorist and Brad... okay, how does this involve Chamber? 11:45 PM As I said, I've been kind of busy with the conspiracy against Greenwald, Wikileaks, and me and my friends Patrick: Think Progress says they were gathering info on Friedman me: the one done by federal contractors does this info come from our heist? Patrick: Yes me: Ok who do these people work for, one of the firms? Patrick: These people? Friedman? 11:46 PM me: Yeah, who's Brad Friedman? I've got a cast of characters here about a hundred strong and like I said we're kind of at war so I don't know who this is to put it another way did you do a piece on Greenwald? Patrick: No me: You know, this campaign to commit crimes in order to destroy him? 11:47 PM ok Patrick: I know very little about it me: but you want ThinkProgress to cover certain things? Maybe you should read some different venues Greenwald's a friend Patrick: They're going to cover what they cover me: and even if he weren't yeah, same with you right? Like, I can give you scoops I've been handing them out like candy to Bloomberg et al Some of these might even help conservatives 11:48 PM Speaking of which We're going after Chavez soon You guys really should consider working with us Patrick: Feels too . . . illegal me: Anonymous is an anarcho-libertarian movement to the extent that it has politics lol Would you be willing to work with Chamber of Commerce? cause they do illegal shit, too 11:49 PM Except they do it to those who've done nothing except for present opinions Patrick: Maybe not, depending on what they were doing me: whereas we do it to people who try to wrongly accuse people to the FBI I'm assuming you have'nt seen my Guardian piece? on why we do what we do? Or the Bloomberg piece on us? Patrick: The only thing that got my attention about all this was the angle having to do with the convicted bomber Nope me: I'll bet Patrick: But send the links 11:50 PM me: Look We're seriously at war here Patrick: I have limited time and my own reasons -- the bomber has threatened a lawsuit against me. That tends to get your attention me: Yeah, and I've got the feds after me Patrick: He has done much else as well Yup So that has your attention me: plus several security firms with NSA ties yes, but we're still on Tunisia and Egypt 11:51 PM the latter, no thanks to the folks who have decided that Muslim Brotherhood is behind this If you look You'll see that I called Egypt before it began the reason is that we have good intel and of course are involved so, regarding those of your friends who are going with MB angle on Egypt 11:52 PM I'd ask them to show where they've gotten results in terms of predictions, etc I work directly with Egyptian protest leaders I didn't use to talk about this shit because no one was going to believe me anyway Sorry, I don't mean to be standoffish We've just had a busy week Now, as for Friedman 11:53 PM Patrick: Interesting me: can you summarize who he is, etc? If you can I'll put some people on it Do you know much about Anon? Patrick: Professes to be an "election integrity" guy. me: oic love those types they were popular in Nicaragua, lol 11:54 PM as P.J. O'Rourke noted back when he was good Patrick: No, don't do anything with him Christ me: No, I'm kidding wait, what? Maybe you should call me Patrick: OK, jokes don't always translate on chat me: 512-560-2302 Patrick: Anyway, he is partnered with a convicted bomber me: okay Patrick: Who wants to sue me me: so is Obama 11:55 PM Patrick: Not business partners me: ? oh And this is all in the public record, right? Patrick: Friedman is the guy who credits himself with revealing that the ACORN videos were supposedly a hoax Yes I fought him on it He and Kimberlin have tried to get me fired 11:56 PM me: okay for what are they suing you? or trying to? Patrick: Written numerous posts distorting the facts me: libel or some shit? Patrick: For writing about the fact that Kimberlin is a convicted bomber Yes, libel me: I imagine it's bullshit, right? Patrick: Kimberlin has called my office and claimed I am stalking him complete and utter bullshit me: heh that's a funny way to go about it 11:57 PM Patrick: Friedman's association with Kimberlin discredits him when people find out who Kimberlin is So they try to squash it I'm quite sure the Chamber was interested in Kimberlin if they were interested in Friedman So Think Progress portrays Brad as a victim But not a word about Kimberlin Which I found interesting me: I see Patrick: Anyway, the search engine is what I was looking for 11:58 PM me: Do you know what Chamber was trying to do via those other firms? Patrick: Not really me: HBGary, etc? Okay Patrick: Nope me: here two minutes Patrick: The Think Progress piece sounded to me like they were gathering social media intel 11:59 PM me: heh no I have all the e-mails some of which are public, some of which I'm still going through they wanted to release a fake document in such a way as that the unions or some such would obtain it and run it rather, just watch this clip from Friday 12:00 AM Patrick: Oh, I think I did see something about that. Yeah, that's despicable me: at any rate, I've never talked to Think Progress been working with Bloomberg NYT al-JAzeera others some Japanese TV show 12:01 AM we made the first round of e-mails available for download first night we got em and then media started going through the thing is there are a lot of stories here like, a lot touching on NSA and whatnot I spoke to NSA lady a few days back regarding Stuxnet which, thanks to the incompetence of the federal contractor crowd we now have 12:02 AM bottom line is we're at war burt but I've split my own org into two one faction stays with me the other goes with one of our tops guys and continues overt, respectable, non-illegal ops you might look into it at some point 12:03 AM they're trying to build secular, liberty-oriented institutions in Tunisia, etc meanwhile I'm in talks with the fellow who wrote Nepal's constitution about creating a framework for Tunisia which I guess is now a confirmed operation although of course this is in early stages 12:04 AM Jenik Radon is the fellow this is off the record for now, btw so If you have any interest in joining the team let me know if you need to verify this stuff talk to Barry Eisler 12:05 AM ex-CIA directorate of operations fellow Patrick: I am firmly against doing anything illegal, just so you and the FBI agents monitoring this chat know me: now a novelist, commentator heh like I said well, should also note I'm not a hacker certainly people within state of California engage in crimes? as in, employees cops, etc obstruction but you're not a criminal neither am I Patrick: Yes. I prosecute them if the crimes are bad enough me: and as I said 12:06 AM of course anywho, there are a lot of options, totally legal and overt and the constitution thing might be up your alley Patrick: Fair enough. Too busy to make much of it now, but thanks for the offer me: Okay, thanks for considering now, regarding Friedman 12:07 AM you want us to look through e-mails for that? 12:08 AM Patrick: For what? me: I don't know, why'd you come to me on this again? 12:09 AM Patrick: Actually, pretty much to ask what you told me: is there some place on the Web where all this shit is? me: ah, yes as I said Patrick: Because I figure they looked into Kimberlin if they looked into Friedman me: is shaky 12:10 AM was up all week but been up and down depending on one's location today if you have problems, let me know and I'll see what else is available we actually have a much better version going up soon trying to find a server for it Patrick: Also: Think Progress makes it sound like Friedman's home address was disclosed. They redact it. But Friedman posts an address on his own damn site that looks like a home address -- a place to send checks. I wanted to see if that is the address they got 12:11 AM me: ah yeah, you can see raws via that site I never download the file itself as I'm on shitty connection at the moment Patrick: I'm doing a search and not finding this stuff 12:12 AM me: try a sample search real quick look up Endgame I mean, are any searches working? Patrick: Yes me: okay Patrick: Maybe I'm just using it wrong me: are you sure these come from us? 12:13 AM our stuff was extracted from HBGary servers includes messages from other folks only to the extent that they were e-mailing HBGary folks Patrick: When I put in "bradley louis friedman los angeles" I get e-mails that do not have those terms me: or Aaron Barr himself, as we got all his e-mails oh I'd just search Friedman try that Patrick: I put that in because Think Progress listed that as his name and location me: tell me what happens 12:14 AM wait, give me link to ThinkProgress piece? Patrick: Yeah, but there are 63 results me: let me make sure these are ours you know that to the extent you look around Patrick: I think I gave it to you up the chat thread, no? me: you'll find incredible scoops, right? lemme see 12:15 AM Patrick: Maybe not me: k got it okay, so Think Progress redacted the info for the guy's partner 12:16 AM Patrick: me: this is partner as in gay lover? Patrick: Don't think so me: yeah, I got it, you did give it earlier so what you're saying is that Think Progress intentionally avoided using the name? Patrick: I think it's for his "life partner" which is different from Kimberlin, his business partner me: of the bomb enthusiast? Patrick: Right me: ok 12:17 AM Patrick: Who set off bombs and blew off a guy's leg More than an enthusiast Which guy later killed himself me: yeah, I was being wry, it's very sad 12:18 AM much sadder than anything that hurts conservatives, of course lol anyway frankly, I can see why as an editorial decision they would keep the info out of the story even without knowing who the guy is Patrick: Sure Doesn't help their cause me: your background is in law, I guess? not media or it could be what you're saying 12:19 AM there's not going to be any way to prove it by seeing the e-mails unless I'm missing something Patrick: They want to make the Chamber look bad. If the Chamber was gathering info on one of these people being a convicted bomber, that doesn't help me: well right now, Pat Patrick: Well, if they redacted Brad's address which he puts himself on his site, it makes him less of a martyr me: the Chamber is known to have looked at gathering intel on people's children 12:20 AM Patrick: It didn't look that way to me me: it's not like they said, "Oh, just this one guy who bombed someone" Yeah, but you're not capable of making that call yet You haven't been going through these e-mails and drafts for a week Patrick: It looked like they got info on a Chamber guy's children to show how easy it is me: lololololol no, it doesn't You need to do your homework on this one I'll show you in a second 12:21 AM Chamber wasn't trying to show everyone that they need to be careful for instance they weren't going to leak that document in order to make the union look bad just to show how easy it is or, contrarily we just hacked into those people's servers in order to show how easy it is in which case, yeah, I love your take and I'd love you to defend us 12:22 AM oolooolooololololl seriously, though need to read the e-mails HBGary specialized in certain things as did their NSA-affiliated buddies among those things Patrick: Hahahaha me: were trying to break into Greenwald's financial records Patrick: Found it 12:23 AM me: ah, did you? on Patrick: Kimberlin is mentioned in the same fucking e-mail me: well, there you go! aren't you glad we're out there doing our thing? don't tell me you're not having fun right now you are 12:24 AM it's fun as shit and now you've got your story Patrick: Thanks for that link Give me the stuff about what they have been doing me: oh, happy to give it out, I assure you who? 12:25 AM chamber? Patrick: So I can do my homework Yes me: K but they're not the most interesting ones just the most high-profile what you want to look at oh, also Patrick: I only want links to things that are out there on the Internet me: of course Patrick: Remember, FBI agents, I don't commit crimes! me: 12:26 AM heh I can tell you that Bloomberg et al are using stuff that's not out there we give out favors, remember we love our friends in the business press but listen to that recording before you look into the rest will give you an overview of how this went down and why I'll tell you something else funny 12:27 AM we got into all of Aaron Barr's accounts due to him using same passwords on all of them except EXCEPT for his World of Warcraft account. he kept that secure otherwise I'd be playing his character right now 12:28 AM also when you put up your story give me link and I'll shoot it around 12:29 AM Patrick: Big Media publishes all sorts of classified and other illegal shit that a) they shouldn't and b) I wouldn't dare me: true Patrick: As engaging as I find you, I'm not sure we see eye to eye on hacking me: well I'm not a hacker let's put it this wway I come from a military family 12:30 AM mostly air force mostly bombers, up until 80s they all blew up children in fighting fascism and communism I just help hackers hack things to fight corruption it's all, like, RELATIVE, man. You're just too, like, ESTABLISHMENT, maaaan. 12:31 AM srsly though hacking is a very small part of what we do Anon is chaning we're into nation-building now 12:32 AM Patrick: I am indeed too establishment, I'll grant you me: lol I'm kidding Patrick: I never wear beanies, for example me: my second in command is a retired gov't lawyer 12:33 AM dude, I only wear polo shirts I went to school with Bush kids all the conservatives have me all wrong Patrick: YOU WEAR A BEANIE. I'VE SEEN IT me: oh, that 12:34 AM well I wear ralph lauren jackets with it also it's a running gag with Diary of Daedalus before I befriended that tribe they talked about my hair a lot 12:35 AM but it's mainly because it's actually snowing in Dallas and I'm not big on that shit you lose most heat through your head and feet 12:36 AM also anything interesting happen in blogosphere lately? fights, drama, etc? Goldstein? Patrick: Nah 12:37 AM me: if he ever fucks with you again I'll give you certain e-mails lol Patrick: As long as they're not hacked! me: heh Patrick: We did get into again somewhat recently Maybe a month ago? 12:38 AM me: lol bout what? Patrick: Charles Johnson was lying about me to try to get people to threaten my job me: oh, I saw that Patrick: I noted that it was not the first time someone had done that to me and referenced Goldstein obliquely me: he lies about me too now Patrick: He went apeshit So I proved it me: really? 12:39 AM so Goldstein took time off from work to attack you, eh? Patrick: He likes to pretend I went after him on Google and he never did me: he'll fight you he wrestles by my count, he's killed like 300 people so far assuming he followed through on threats Patrick: He wrote a post with my name and job title -- several actually -- and linked it dozens of times to bump it up on Google me: ah well 12:40 AM let me know Patrick: Since he denied trying to harm me professionally, I laid that out me: oh, wait he's already Google fucked you should see the SAdly, No compilation Patrick: Not as bad as me me: are you? Patrick: Google Patrick Frey One of his bullshit posts is on the first page -- Regards, Barrett Brown 512-560-2302