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2 September 2012

Who Is George Scott in George Romney's FBI File?

A sends:

George Romney (Mitt Romney's Father) FBI File, nothing interesting, too squeaky clean, it's disgusting. (9MB)



Thanks. We actually looked at every page, sniffing for inadvertent leaks. Three mentions of a name nose-twitched (pp. 258, 265 and 271):

Scott, George

Page 258


Page 265


Page 271


No explanation of who George Scott is or was.

The report states that George W Romney had a brother named Scott, so this may be reference to him. However, we wonder if it is a lightly-faked pseudonym for George W Romney which would be curious since he is described to be a saint without faults -- a certain indication of a sinner being protected by stakeholders.

There is an intriguing New York Times article today about an FOIA release on Ronald Reagan's role as an FBI informer and use of the FBI to spy on two of his adult kids.

So here's the "a ha:" George W. Scott is the informant nickname for George W. Romney, as if a perferctly saintly FBI agent, Mormons and Catholics the favorite source for recruitment, no disrespect intended of squeaky-clean Mitt  Romney and Paul Ryan.



I didn't pickup on that. I agree the file was probably scrubbed clean of any disparaging remarks.