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13 September 2012

Non Glib Ex Nihilo WikiLeaks Exploitation

Non Glib Ex Nihilo WikiLeaks Exploitation, September 13, 2012


John Young "Cryptome" (New York, NY)

This review is from: This Machine Kills Secrets: How WikiLeakers, Cypherpunks, and Hacktivists Aim to Free the World's Information

This is a well-researched book that doesn't settle for glib exploitation of fictional ex nihilo WikiLeaks singularity.

Andy Greenberg has invented a gallery of "characters" from selected debris of interviews for "This Machine Kills Secrets," an exceptionally informative account of the technical and philosophical global battle for control of communication between lock-step hierarchies of authorities armed with military-grade secrecy and armored with lie-dispensing public relations and diversely distributed, far smarter and agile, anarchical dissidents intending to swarm and undermine official "full-spectrum dominance" of information.

These challengers of abusive control of information see official secrecy as destructive of democracy and unfettered, unspied-upon communication among the citizenry. Their main weapon against the Big Iron Arms of authority (military, espionage, legislation, finance) is pervasive public encryption to protect personal privacy, identity and communication -- supplemented by creative ways to work around authoritative information control and censorship.

With unprecedented access to mostly little known key participants Greenberg amply describes the decades-long campaign for public secrecy and privacy, the deployment of unauthorized disclosures, anonymity, pseudonymity, untraceability, subterfuge, chicanery, feints, ploys, humor and ricidule for direct open confrontation and defiance of authority as exemplary demonstration of digital democracy in action.

This will serve as a worldwide guide to understand why authorities -- gov, com, edu, org -- dread loss of centralized power through the uncontrolled, decentralized, anonymous, open Internet and are feverishly, stupidly attempting to devise Big Iron control measures. As Greenberg warns -- hark journalists, himself, Forbes and ilk -- "get used to it, this machine for killing secrets will not stop."

I.e., a leak of the book's contents, list of characters and index: [URL deleted by Amazon]

0650.pdf              @a_greenberg Leaks: This Machine Kills Secrets   August 21, 2012 (1.8MB)