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11 October 2012

James Atkinson Admits to Being a Spy

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 23:14:07 -0400
From: "James M. Atkinson" <jmatk[at]>
To: TSCM-L Mailingin List <tscm-l2006[at]>
Subject: [TSCM-L] {6254} LinkedIn - Coming in, Out of the Cold

The following is my updated LinkedIn profile, which some of the list members will find of interest.

Yes, I was an official spook, a spy, a contractor spook actually, and yes the CIA, U.S. State Department, FBI, the U.S. Army were all some of my major clients, along with a host of their cut-outs, other agencies. I have been to Capital Hill to work more then a few times.

It is time for me to reveal what I have been doing professionally for the past few decades, and to "come in out of the cold" as it were, and to depart the wilderness of mirrors and to focus on strictly private sector work.

This update explains a lot more about my background and credentials, the huge number of courses where I have been able to learn spectrum analyzers from the inside out, and expertly learn dozens of major signals intelligence systems; considerable number of TSCM courses; peripheral courses; computer programming courses; cell phone system courses, and essentially keeping on the leading edge of state-of-the-art technologies for over 30 year in order to keep a few steps ahead of the eavesdroppers I spent decades hunting. I aggressively sought out and attended massive, just massive numbers of technical courses, and got NDA'd to death in order to take many of the very expensive, and proprietary classes, but it was always a valuable investment.

TSCM, Hardware Engineering and Software Engineering, has always been my core skill set for the last 35 years, but also the other disciplines needed to detect and control "electronics leaking secrets" or systems being provoked into leaking secrets.

I also have training that I have not listed, and that I wish to remain private, and perhaps in the Spring I will list what is missing. Suffice to say, I am very good at locating the flaws that crime scene technicians commit, I know how to identify tainted or planted evidence, and how to catch forensics expert faking test results, and how to run gels, read CODIS, and explain the molecular basis of what as found, and why the evidences is often not what the forensics people claim it is. I studied forensics and crime scene processing in order to apply the methods to TSCM applications, and to refine how I did bug sweeps.

Along the way, I became an extremely good photographer, and capable of either investigative, legal, technical, or fine arts photography. Note: If you need a skilled photographer for anything, I am the person you want to talk to. I am really quite skilled in fine arts portraits, and I have several online portfolios of my work if anybody in interested. I am skilled in all elements of digital and film based photography, darkroom work, digital processing in Photoshop, and skilled in the studio, or on location. My evidence photographs and large-scale courtroom exhibits really rock, seriously, they as amazingly good (and quite inexpensive). If you are a PI or an attorney and you need photography, let me know. If you are a PI and you need a photographer, also let me know. My portraits are just stunning, and often time they make people cry because they are done so well.

I also became a well-respected tactical instructor, and I have listed the places and schools where I am or was officially certified as an instructor, armorer, or similar certifications. I do not care at this time to list the horde of courses that I needed to take in order to become certified as an instructor, but it as quite a lot.

I have also included some (but not all) of my medical training, and medical certifications and credentials as well; including the patents, I am pursing, and the medical device designs I have prototyped.

I have also listed the Courts where I have been accepted or certified by the court as an expert witness, and where I gave expert testimony in the case, but this is actually a partial list. You might notice that I have been certified as an expert to Congress more then once, and the CIA has certified me as a subject matter expect to perform as a Presidential Advisor. I have a few more court expert certifications to add, but I need to get clarification of exactly how the court defined me (i.e.: hat topic).

You will also note, that I design hardware, and write software to make the hardware do really cool things, but that I design and prototype, and then sell the designs off to be manufactured by a .gov contractor. If you want TSCM hardware of software developed from scratch let me know, I have awesome engineering course.

I am also very skilled on the hard-core hardware side of things with data and telephone (and cellular telephone) systems, transmissions systems, switching systems, and everything that flows across our major national fiber networks. I am also very skilled with wiring and cabling (phone and data networks), and specialize in long haul single mode fiber optic systems, or highly specialized fiber optics like undersea cable and landings, and fiber optic systems for "special clients" I also remain the only TSCM firm in the country who can definitively prove or disprove a fiber optic systems has been compromised, like the huge foreign intercept of a major fiber optic trunk (attached to classified US Government facilities) in Reston, VA a few years back.

I would ask that if you are not already linked to me, that you issue me an “Invitation” request, so that I can link back to you.

LinkedIn also has a "Recommendations" feature so that you can write a recommendation for me for either a position I held, a school I attended, or a project I was involved in, and I would deeply appreciate any recommendations that you can to provide on my behalf.

There is also the "Endorsements of Skills and Expertise" and if you could please click on the ones that you feel I am competent in, or the ones you have seen me perform I would be greatly appreciative.

So remember; “Invite,” “Recommend,” “Endorse”... and I will reciprocate when it is appropriate to do so.

It has been a long journey from a teenage keypunch operator to a TSCM Expert called on by the President, the Congress, and most of the U.S. Intelligence community, with a stack of credentials.

However, it is now time to depart the wilderness, and to come in from the cold, and go back to college part time.

If you need TSCM, or engineering work, or photography, or any of the other skills I have listed, please let me know because I am seeking select assignments that will not interfere with the college courses that I am taking at present.

Thank You.

James M. Atkinson. President and Sr. Engineer
"Leonardo da Vinci of Bug Sweeps and Spy Hunting"

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