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19 October 2012. A2 sends:

The response to the TOR piece here:

and the referrals offered still do not indicate the extent of the USG funding of TOR.

The revelation that the USN uses TOR is hardly news, after all the USN holds the TOR patent. What Cryptome did reveal was just how much the USN was pouring into TOR. This is above the already significant funding by the Department of State, and other USG entities.

Keep the data coming John, TOR is not a street wise hacker collective.

12 October 2012

Letter to A on Tor

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 01:14:04 +0000
From: frihetnull <>
To: <>, <>
Subject: Letter to A at

Dearest A,

How are you this morning, my dear?  With great interest I read your question to dear John Young of Cryptome dated 8 October 2012, published here,

John Young may wish to note that Tor boldly states it is from the US Navy on their Overview page, see

They also boldly state past funding from the US Navy on their sponsors page, see

Take a bespectacled gander at "Past Sponsors". And I quote for your reference, "DARPA and ONR via Naval Research Laboratory (2001-2006)". What a curious way to hide an affiliation. Perhaps A should call up "tor management" and ask direct questions. Contact info can be found at

They even list an old-fashioned telephone for direct voice to voice communications.

My genitals would quiver with glee if you published this information months before Tor published the information on their website. Andrew Lewman published the financial statements and Dept of Commerce Data Collection Form on Friday, October 5, 2012, see

Having recovered from a powerful conspriacy-gasm, you clicked links for half of an hour reframing these documents to sound like a fantastic conspiracy of control and puppeteering. You will also note all of these data is easily found, gathered, and published in the name of US Government transparency. The Dept of Commerce Data Collection Form gives you all the source programs one needs to learn to find this information online. You will note very few of such DCF forms are published ever. Why would Tor publish this if for not to create such an easy-to-follow trail?

Rather, I think the real conspiracy is that Tor published the documents at all. Plausibly, they did so in the name of transparency and to the horror of their funding organizations. I do so applaud the Tor Project's transparency and commitment to such an ideal. They far outweigh and garner more trust than Wikileaks could ever hope to do. Now if Jacob would with Julian into the Ecuadorian embassy with Julian, the two could bro-code and have endless recursion of bro-love for life. Sadly, my genitals are left wanting for your publishing of such documents means you did not do the faintest bit of work, rather Tor did it all for you. Investigation, my dear, takes time, effort, and disclosure of something the world doesn't already know.

Further, your own bro-love slave in Alan Taylor of PGPBOARD (CAPS WERE FUN IN THE 1970s SIR), selectively used copy and paste to reframe your own reframing of said financials and funding for maximal paranoia. You two are aware that Al Gore, nay, DARPA invented the Internet, correct? Your entire means of propagation is due to DARPA research and funding. Imagine the backdoors in TCP, IP, Manchester encoding, and such other protocols on which we rely every day.

If you want to recover some higher probability of quivering genitals, publish Tor's 2011 990 before they do.

As a former American taxpayer, I do so wish I could direct my taxes towards more projects like Tor. I much rather more Tor and Tor-like projects exist than in lieu of the United States Government spending more money on $22 billion dollar F-22 fighters that cannot fly and are easily copied by the Chinese in 50% of the time for 25% of the cost. If the US Navy and other military branches do wish to spend more money on Tor, I say godspeed sirs. All governments should spend money on Tor. Tor works, unlike smart ships, fancy jets, and other DHS/TSA boondoggles bankrupting what was once a fine society.

Freedom sir, is a dish best served to all equally. Thankfully, elements within governments are funding such projects rather than simply funding more fantasies they copied from Metropolis, 1984, Brave New World, Farenheit 451, and Kallocain.

I cross posted this letter to tor-talk because I know the Tor Project will publish it unredacted. Unlike sirs John and Alan who selectively edit for maximal conspiracy value.

Cheers bretheren, the fight for freedom continues aghast at your apathy and ignorance.

Frihet Null