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9 November 2012


John Kozlowski sends:

ShofarLeaks builds a takedown resistant whistleblower network

ShofarLeaks™ has gone public with their plans to use the technology behind ShofarDomain™ and ShofarPortfolio™ to provide a platform for whistleblowers and leak sites to distribute data, and the analysis work of others, securely and anonymously.

The project is built on top of other projects to build a complete technical foundation for independent and autonomous sites.

The domain name system in ShofarDomain which provides true domain name ownership rather than domain name rental also ensures that sites once present cannot be taken down by a third party.  It also provides the technology for servers that have gone down to reappear on the web without third party assistance.

ShofarPortfolio technology gives intense security for both data sources and data viewers.  Even secondary monitoring, such as traffic analysis, is thwarted for ShofarPortfolio users.  In keeping with the motto “We don’t know your stuff”, who is providing or viewing data remains completely cloaked.

ShofarLeaks then build on those technologies to bring data to the user to allow in depth analysis.  The analysis work can then be built upon over time by others.  This makes peering into history and the work of others a simple process.

The goal is to be live in early 2013 and bringing allies to the table starts now.

About ShofarLeaks

ShofarLeaks answers the need for whistleblower or leak sites to offer privacy in communications, an ability to vet the data, and the tools to build on the analysis of others.  ShofarLeaks is the framework for others to build on.

The shofar has been used for millennia as a communications tool and now the symbol of multiple communications tools on the web.

Contact ShofarDomain

John Kozlowski
Phone: 423-716-6432