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16 November 2012. A sends:

There is a gross mistake in Your correspondent says ``Due this the government banned the use of airspace to independent news media helicopters,´´ This is not correct. Airspace over Buenos Aires has been closed for one-engine civilian aircraft (planes as good as choppers) since as long as I can remember, i.e. at least four decades. The ban has nothing to do with preventing newscasts, but due to hazard prevention rules long established by the aviation authority. The only news media having a 2-engine chopper that could have been used that day (an MBB Bo-105 CBS-5 LV-COM, former BMI Luftrettung D-HGSK) is C5N news channel. They usually fly only during daylight, and didn´t use it that evening. There are some other mistakes in the info, but I won't enter into a byzantine argument about the attempts from conservative groups to throw AR govt. Thanks.

13 November 2012

Argentina Judge Bans Airspace and Leak Sites

A sends:

Argentina report

Improvised drone "toy" bypassing argentine government airspace restriction.

On November 8th a mass protest against the Argentinean Government policies ( crime rates, inflation, censorship and political corruption) took place in Buenos Aires City. Due this the government banned the use of airspace to independent news media helicopters, to prevent aerial images gauge the size of the protest. But that didn't stop an amateur drone to bypass aerial restriction and take a Full HD video.

Ongoing Argentine Internet Censorship

First leakymails[1] a website designed to obtain and publish relevant documents exposing corruption of the political class and the powerful in argentina including wiretap equipment information, eyeballing on some intelligence services locations and more, then Cuevana[2] a website which provides streaming links to movies and series. Now blocking websites[3] which provide information on how to unlock(Bypass Trusted Platform Module DRM) argentine government netbooks so you can install a clean Operating System without political propaganda or according to some sources webcam spyware.


2. (spanish)

3. (spanish)

What's next?

Attached Banned Unlocking Guide (spanish).