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17 November 2012

A sends:

Read a piece about and by you, dealing with the General's email. I believe he and the girl used the dodge of opening accounts (gmail) and sharing passwords etc so that each could read drafts in computer emails but that the emails/s did not go into cyberspace.


Correct, but that evasion is well-known and quite accessible by security experts. Cyberspace includes personal computers and handhelds and cellphones. If you are on a network you are spyable. If you use a digital device your signals are capturable.

You know this better than me.

Broadwell learned all this at intel training at Fort Huachuca. Petraeus should have been briefed as general and as CIA head. The story stinks of deceptive ploy, SOP for counter-intel.

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17 November 2012

Email Enigma

It is an enigma that the Petraeus, Broadwell, Allen and Kelley emails escaped the vast apparatus of NDI, CIA, NSA , DIA and commercial spying and data-aggregating firms for electronic spying and counterspying (as well of that of other nations).

Either the billion-dollar systems failed to meet panoptic expectations or there was a deliberate overlook of senior officials, or a cover-up, before, during and after the email exchanges.

The emails are sitting in a secret archive(s) of NSA and its emulators to remain forever along with a cornucopia of emails ready to be harvested as need arises.

This capability will remain secret, cloaked by a slew of pre-positioned tales to divert attention based on privacy protection, sex, bribery, crime, technical glitches, hackers, leakers, cyberattacks from bountiful enemies, and the all-time exculpation, nobody informed those supposedly overseeing the global governmental and commercial spying operations.

Maybe once a generation one of the lower-level operators of the systems will be asked a direct question and a direct answer will be given to the public, but if that is done without approval of secrets-keeping authority and commercial legal counsel the outcome will be a job and pension loss, vindictive trial, fine and time in jail.

Alternatively it can be sold to an enemy or commercial competitior for a hero's welcome and lifetime pension, as spy agencies and commercial firms perennially dangle just that bait.

What else was snatched and peddled of the streams used by Petraeus, Broadwell, Allen and Kelley, is sitting in an NSA vault as well as several other government, commercial and institutional aggregators.

To become informed about the potential of these systems consider signing up for a brand new spy service called, aptly, Enigma:

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