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6 November 2012. National Archives fixes search but bans WikiLeaks documents:

6 November 2012.

Griffin Boyce sends 6 November 2012:

After hearing that the national archives was blocking wikileaks-related searches, I decided to try it out myself. I was able to search for WikiLeaks uninhibited on the public site [1][2]. Though if blocked in the future, a search for *ikileaks (with the asterisk) will bring them up as well [3].




@USNatArchives tweeted yesterday that it would look into the block, and it has been lifted although the hits are fewer than the 30 by Google:

US National Archives @USNatArchives

We're looking into this, and we'll update soon. MT @public_archive: The banning of @wikileaks from @USNatArchives:

4 November 2012. About 30 Google hits for "WikiLeaks" on the National Archives website via search of " wikileaks"

3 November 2012. NARA online produces one hit for "Assange:"
Did you mean passage?

AOTUS: Collector in Chief | What I’m Reading

Google hits for Assange "About 55,500,000."

2 November 2012. @AlecMuffett notes that wildcards such as "?ikileaks" and "wiki?eaks" retrieve a few more documents with the word "WikiLeaks" in them.

2 November 2012

NARA Leaks WikiLeaks Citations

Access to documents containing the word "WikiLeaks" are blocked at the US National Archives website:

The URL you requested has been blocked

The page you have requested has been blocked, because the URL is banned.


However documents with the words "Wiki" and "Leak," separated by a space, are not. Six documents with "Wiki" and "Leak" may be retrieved:

1. June 2011 NISPPAC

2. meeting march 2011

3. meeting jun 2011

4. Microsoft Word - Advisory Committee Minutes_June 2011

5. Press Release Archive by Date

6. meeting nov 2011