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11 November 2012

Paula (Dean) Kranz (Broadwell)

Paula Kranz

18 May 1999. Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Today I bumped into Matt Passante, D4, who happened to be an escort officer for a VIP attending a briefing I gave on the Hunter UAV. He's been at Fort Huachuca for 3 weeks and is working in the Directorate of Combat Development. I just spoke with him in passing, but he's doing well. I also received an e-mail from Paula Kranz, A2. Paula and I were platoon leaders together in B/102d MI Bn in Korea, where she, being a natural leader, did a fantastic job and represented '95 well. She sent me her new e-mail address (you can click on her name to write her) and her phone numbers, which I'd be happy to share on request.

5 October 1999. Savannah, Georgia. Devon Blake (Morris), G2 sends news from her home station at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. On December 5, 1998 Devon married Tim Blake, a real civilian, no less! In attendance as bridesmaids was Paula Kranz, A2, Sarah Ross, D3 and Abi Thompson, F4, who you should be able to pick out in the wedding photo below. Devon's currently on deployment to Bosnia as an augmentee to 10th Mountain Division, Task Force 2-15 Field Artillery Regiment. Devon also sends other great photos--one from her promotion to Captain on July 1 and another of her surrounded by children in Bosnia.