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23 November 2012

All WCIT Documents Leaked for Data Grab

From: Seth Johnson <seth.p.johnson[at]>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 08:53:24 -0500
To: xcast-dc-letter[at]
Subject: [Xcast-dc-letter] All WCIT Documents Leaked

This is not about the xcasters treaty, but it's of interest here because it could establish a frame for empowering incumbents to do the government's bidding backed by treaty commitments. You may hear more if something more gets worked out on it. There's this contention over oversight of the Internet by governments versus multistakeholder groups, but that's masking the fact that the US is in fact buying in with a frame like I just described. They're just framing their position as about how liberalized competition is needed to foster international internet.

Kieren McCarthy's .NXT is publishing the texts, though you have to register:


Here are the (I think latest) US proposals:


The ITR changes search page doesn't currently return US results though they're in the full list (and other country's proposals do return results). I sent a note to Kieren to that effect; he said he'll look at that today.



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Sounds like an excellent resource. Offset, unfortunately, by the registration requirement for too much information with little explanation for why it is needed for a public interest org. Smells unpleasantly like a slew of public interest orgs snatching information for unknown but suspicious purposes often hiding behind formulaic privacy policies.

Cannot comment to .nxt except by a crappy corporate-like siphoning and categorizing email form. Tell Kieren to be either be completely open or drop the pretense -- that is, the creepy behavior of those super-sleazy, money- and data-grubbing orgs he reports on. Opposing those orgs with their techniques is not genuine opposition.

Data on subscribers is money in the bank, free does not mean free if access requires handing over personal data.