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27 November 2012

WikiLeaks Topic Repugnant

A writes:

How are you doing?

I really appreciate your great work with your Cryptome project.

I will be in NYC next weekend - am on tour with my last film about Khodorkovsky - and it would be great to meet you for a chat about your work and also Wikileaks.

Because i am making a film about Wikileaks.

I bet, different then the already existing ones...

Anyway, it would be marvellous to see you this week.

Best wishes from Berlin.



We find works and reportage on the topic of WikiLeaks repugnant, thus do not wish to be associated with the excessively vainglorious, lucrative, over-publicized, duplicitous and public-exploitive entertainment.

You may quote this.

We urge you to abandon the film on WikiLeaks and wish you great success with that on Khodorkovsky.