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7 December 2012

Barrett Brown a Stellar Exemplar

Robert Paulson ( writes:

Given that Barrett Brown has been indicted for (among other things) -

Count One of the most recent indictment alleges that on approximately December 25, 2011, Barrett, aided and abetted by others, knowingly trafficked in more than five authentication features, knowing that such features were stolen and produced without lawful authority. According to the indictment, Brown transferred a hyperlink from an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel to an IRC channel under his control. That hyperlink provided access to data stolen from the company Stratfor Global Intelligence (Stratfor)-

[Full indictment]

There has been talk on Twitter

and elsewhere that Cryptome might face legal liability as well for having posted similar hyperlinks.

Have you been approached by law enforcement regarding this matter?

Cryptome: No.

Do you have any official comment on this matter?

Cryptome: The purpose of Cryptome is to publish what officials don't want published.

Cryptome welcomes publication by you and others of Barrett Brown's hyperlinks as well as links to Cryptome's files and thereby encourage others to join the opposition to official chilling of free speech online and elsewhere -- the very thing Stratfor did and does for profit.

Mere tweeting and reporting about the hyperlink but not reproducing it aids official and Stratfor-like chilling of free speech.

Officials and their many obsequious cohorts like Stratfor always exceed their authority and use over-reaching indictments and illegal spying to initimidate innocent vicitms and defendants as well as the public by parading fantastic allegations of threats to their authority.

Unless you object, I intend to post your response, verbatim, on my site.

Cryptome: Of course, why else flaunt democracy on the Internet than to heartburn the innards of authoritarians. Barrett Brown is a stellar burner of cold, cold hearts.