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18 December 2012

Israeli Diplomatic Crime

Boaz Guttman:

Not only Pollard in 1985 Israeli Embassy in US Diplomatic Mail used for criminal acts. Attached are the unredacted versions.

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Boaz Guttman sends:

The Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. has a diplomatic mail channel. This channel is not only used for regular working than also for criminal crimes commited by the Israeli envoy in Wash.

Like the last case of Avigdor Liberman now an item in the Israeli press.

There is a more serious case I just received last week. Because I was in Germany almost 2 months.

The case is around 1988. Israeli Police envoy General Yoram Gonen was under internal investigation in Israeli Police HQ.

The order to open the Investigation was given by Yaakov Terner, later the Israeli Police Boss and former Air Force General. The active investigator was Colonel Avi Terrer from the International Serious Crime Unit.

The Israeli envoy confessed on Israeli Official Government documents that he stole documents.The title on the documents are in English - Israel Government.

After the cover-up inside the Embassy and Israeli Police HQ, Yoram Gonen was appointed to a judge in the Israeli Court System.

In 1993 just days before he has to be sworn to a judge there was an internal investigation about him in the Israeli Supreme Court. Two Judges in the Supreme court - Eliezer Goldberg and Yaakov Kedmi -- received the documents from my hands. Kedmi threw his glasses angily and said this is the police. Instead to inform the Israel Attorney General. They pushed him out silently without any public notice.

Despite that I said they have to call the Attorney General. Every thing was hidden from the public in Israeli media, etc. He was not sworn in because of this terrible theft.

In his former capacity he was the commander of the Israel national fraud unit. The unit conducted the investigation against Olmert and Liberman. Gonen, after being thrown out silently from the court, was president of the Court of Discipline of the police. Also this job was ended by an internal committee.

He is now a lawyer in Israel.

What's amazing are the documents with title Government of Israel in English that were sent from Israel Embassy in Wash. D.C.

The documents are hidden now by a lawyer in Israel.

Are you interested in such documents?

If yes - Reply.

You can also call me to my US NYC Tel. 212-561-5170

In any case I have to redact my name form the files to show only the evidence in the criminal papers.


I attach 2 documents.

I received already the full documents.

This the primary direct evidence. I covered with black all the bla bla. Because it's possible that I will use the full documents here in court. This is the only reason that I don't reveal the full documents.

But I am ready to talk to every US TV and or journalist in US with my Skype and or my US NYC telephone.

Important note: You can correct any error in my full report I sent you and xxxxx. Just correct the errors during my typing because I was tired at the time that I sent you and xxxxx the full report.

I am not hiding.

Later, Guttman sent the unredacted versions:


Previously, the redacted versions first sent: