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15 January 2013. A2 sends: I am familiar with the historical text file scene and this looks authentic to me.

14 January 2013

Assange International Subversive

A sends:

Here is "International Subversive" Vol#1, the Hacking E-zine produced / edited by the Australian 'hacker' Mendax in 1991 (reference: Dreyfus, "Underground: Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier" Ch.8 ) aka Assange

The document came to me in several pieces - I've made no changes to the content other than to stick them together in order and add in some formatting (spaces) that tidy up some of the headings, so all spelling mistakes etc are originals (there are two section "2.4" & two section "2.7", the later of each should be sections "2.5" & "2.8" respectively I guess according to the contents section). Best viewed with a fixed-width font.

The E-zine lists its editor as 'The Chthonic Hvee', presumably Mendax wielded his electronic editorial pen to publish under a different alias (in the same way he was able to change is alias from 'proff' to 'Mendax' being a research contributor to the Dreyfus book. Interesting.).

I can't confirm the original source of the document or the accuracy of its content so it comes to you with all appropriate disclaimers - perhaps some of Cryptomes readers will be familiar with the incidents , etc., discussed within and can comment further, if you decide to publish this.