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31 January 2013

Britam.Defence.rar Backup

A sends:

Britam.Defence.rar is a backup of JAsIrX's recent leak, which was no longer available.

Regardless whether this is dis-information, FUD, mis-information, - or whatever - the information itself is *hard to find* now.

This single rar file includes the following - arch1_locked.rar, arch2_locked.rar, arch3_locked.rar, arch11.rar, arch22.rar, arch33.rar and a UTF-8 text of JAsIrX's pastebin (passwords included).

I recommend cryptome post the following links considering most (if not all) default uploads (by JAsIrX or associate) have become defunct.

Here are mirrors to Britam.Defence.rar (324.6MB)