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20 January 2013


New York City Pistol Permit Holders:

312,462 New York State Pistol Permit Holders in April 2010: (7.8MB) (This has been on Cryptome since June 2010)

Below, a link to a work-in-progress wooly Google fusion map of selected NY State holders. Note lack of NYC holders in the NY State list -- one dot for each of the five boroughs! -- apparently due to omitting addresses in data sent to the state as redacted from the Gawker list. Addresses are also omitted for most officials.

Geocoding the New York city/state data the Google program produced dots all over the world, perhaps erroneously using names of permit holders as location -- a fix badly needed for the bloke pegged to be in Antartica. It also failed to plot two addresses in the CSV data for Robert DeNiro in NYC, and based on the scarcity of dots inside the state, what appears to be the bulk of the CSV data:

Trivia: Cryptome owns a couple of NYC-registered legacy long-guns, never-used, unloaded, locked and stashed under Grant's Tomb, or was it the east abutment of GW Bridge.

NY Pistol Permit Owners

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  1. This goes out to the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, the National Rifle Association, Christopher Fountain (you shameless scumbag), and everyone else who has threatened the Journal News and Gawker reporters and employees.
  4. The internet doesn't forget.
  6. Free information. Ban ammunition.