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22 January 2013. RSA further responds [name omitted by request]:

“RSA has no relationship, does not collaborate and does not do business with the Iranian government or any Iran-based entities. RSA’s anti-fraud services specifically work on behalf of our global customers to help shut down active malware attacks found on web sites and via email campaigns. As part of these services, RSA notifies ISPs and hosting entities around the world when we detect evidence of malicious content within their infrastructures.”

21 January 2013. RSA responds:

From: "Kempskie, Kevin" <kevin.kempskie[at]>
To: John Young <jya[at]>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 13:14:53 -0500
Subject: RE: Query on Iran Contact by RSA

First I've heard of this John. Will check it out to see if there's anything to it.

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From: John Young [mailto:jya[at]]
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2013 12:35 PM
To: Kempskie, Kevin
Subject: Query on Iran Contact by RSA

Can you provide a response for publication on the news reports today that RSA contacted Iran gov about cyber attacks and received a report denying Iran involvement, but pointing to other suspects?

Thanks very much,

John Young
New York, NY


21 January 2013

RSA Contacts Iran on Cyber Attacks


A sends:

General Hadianfar,Chief of Iranian Cyber Police says, RSA, a U.S.-based security company handling stuff for several American Banks including CitiBank has contacted Iran due to recent cyber attacks. He says we investigated the case and found Botnets with some victims located in Iran with C&C in Italy and UK.

The report is based on the investigation sent back to RSA. To our knowledge this is the first Cyber Cooperation between an American entity and a nation-state Iranian organization. Obama in a recent speech named Cyber Security as one of the most important national security priorities, while having his candidates for DoD and CIA on his back and he did not even mention Iranian Nuclear situation.