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17 January 2013

Spooky Emanations

Presumably most CIA employees keep their employer secret. CIA Headquarters has two access points. The two access points have unique identifiers which coat the vehicles and might be retrieved by intrepid snoops.

The southern entry adjoins a canine training facility whose mutts are meticulously trained to sniff odors but also emit them copiously for passing vehicles to attact and leave a trail to home or along other routes to safe houses, drop boxes, training sites, spy co-opters and paramours.

The northern entry hosts a plethora of bio-data from local fauna and flora combined with the unique fumes-spewing traffic of George Washington Memorial Parkway. The enviro-devil follows those who alternate access points to trace time and duration beyond what electronic tags and GPS-bugs record.

CIA Counterintelligence would likely provide countermeaures for these clues, to cloak or camouflage, like hoary onions against bloodhounds, for employee vehicles and maybe for some of the regular service visitors. But emanations are elusive, hard to prevent escape from ever-more sophisticated capture techniques.

Counters to emanations themselves have unique signatures as TEMPEST investigators have shown and the race is on between cloakers and trackers. Electronic defenses are diversionary, it's the whole earth creating a bubble of spooky emanations about every living creature futilely trying to outfox emanation-attracting predators.

How to capture and exploit all of these emanations remains classified, so the secret keepers hope, but doubt prevails among the wisest fearing the doggiest terrors beyond human-machine perception.