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21 January 2013

Why Publish Gun Holders


2013-0100.htm    NY Pistol Permit Owners   January 20, 2013

A sends (full message withheld by request):

Why do you continue to publish New York State pistol permit holders?

Cryptome: The information is publicly available but not easily found due to a political and media campaign to obscure it. What is not public and should be is information about official weapon holders which far out number citizen holders. And this does not include those who control military weapons which far exceed official and citizen holders.

The debate over citizen gun holders is used to divert attention from a much more serious and irresponsible weaponizing of the United States and countries around the globe, the extent of which is kept secret and beyond citizen access.

Governments kill more people than citizens, the US among them as the number one exporter of armaments, the top military nation, the foremost pracititioner and proponent of national security secrets fundamentally based on secrets about weapons.

The best protection of democracy is to provide much greater information about all weapons, the weapons industry, investors, inventors, and their proponents.

The harm caused to humans and the environment by increased global weaponization and wars which inevitably follow exceeds global warming. And too few policymakers, scientists, engineers and academics have the courage to state the truth about their complicity.

Clean-up of weapons manufacture -- especially for weapons of mass destruction -- and evermore sophisticated lucrative weapons-driven warmaking -- its calamitous destruction, death and injuries to civilians far outpacing that of military casualties -- has become the principal drain on all nations' expenditures and increased long-term indebtnesses to those who profit from the Ponzi scheme of weapons and war financing.

The worst effect is the decrease in democratic accountability and increased totalitarianism of secret government to manipulate public support for the exhorbitant expense of secrecy concerning weaponry and concomitant decline in government services to the public.

Gun control and climate control need not divert from truly serious consideration of worse threats cloaked in national security secrecy.