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22 February 2013

Twitter Advises on Hacks

Tumbler and Pinterest were also affected:

This notice fails to address all aspects of recent hacks of Cryptome Twitter accounts. More on that after information is assembled.

From: "Twitter" <no-reply[at]>
To: [three different email addresses used by Cryptome for three hacked Twitter accounts]
Date: 21 Feb 2013 22:38:19 -0500
Subject: Important notice about Zendesk and Twitter Help Center

Twitter – along with a number of other companies – uses a customer support portal called Zendesk. Zendesk recently blogged about a significant security breach. In order to ensure those who may be impacted by this breach are notified as quickly as possible, we are sending this notification to all email addresses, including this one, that we believe could have been involved.

Zendesk's breach did not result in the exposure of information such as Twitter account passwords. It may, however, have included contact information you provided when submitting a support request such as an email, phone number, or Twitter username. Further information about the breach can be found in their blog post.

We do not believe you need to take any action at this time but wanted to ensure that you were notified of this incident.

- Twitter

Twitter, Inc. 
1355 Market St., Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103