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11 March 2013

OpIsrael Analysis

A3 sends:

The attributions are to the best of our knowledge, based on language analysis, history and helps from our sources who speak Arabic ( various forms ) and Farsi ( various forms, mostly Persian ) natively:

AnonGhost ( distributed - freelance )

AnonymousPal ( U.S and E.U - freelance )

OsamaTheGod ( false flag )

Teamr00t ( Pakistan - ideological )

Hannibal ( Anti-OPISRAEL , inside fight , Indian - freelance )

PunkBoyinSF ( Egyptian ties - freelance )

Mauritania HaCker Team ( distributed - freelance )

ajax Team ( unknown )

MLA - Muslim Liberation Army ( ties to Pakistan )

Gaza Hacker Team ( Palestinians in U.S and E.U , perhaps some members in Arab countries as well )

Gaza Security Team ( same )

Gaza Security Team ( ties to Syria - Syrian nationals - freelance )

Algerian Hacker ( unknown )

Iranian Cyber Army ( Iran , hired hackers based in Iran )

Remember Emad ( Joint Lebanese and Iranian effort - high likely state-backed )

Parastoo ( Iranian , reported to have ties with IRGC-QF and Hezbollah )

Syrian Electronic Army ( reported to be controlled by elements of pro-Hezbollah activists )

Our analysis to the moment shows not much of coordination between these groups contrary to the popular belief and the sum of human resources all together to the best of our current analysis is not more than 50 individuals. The collectives with Arab leanings are not much advanced, have ties with residents of European and U.S and they are mostly relay on Dumps and Botnets. The teams with Pakistani, Syrians and Lebanese members are more advanced and reported to have ties with governments. Iranian teams are just using the situation to harm Israel and U.S interests and reported to be directly funded by IRGC and MOIS, the Iranian Intelligence.

Our observation shows IDF Cyber elements, Unit 8200 to name one, are not engaging in full spectrum Cyber Attacks and prefer to remain silent. Our analysis to the moment shows Israeli unstable political environment and dependency to U.S intelligence help in addition to threats to Critical Physical assets resulted in a temporary passive defense-only tactics. We firmly believe due to intense situation in borders of Palestinian territory, Israel, Syria and Lebanon and the involvement of Iran, we are looking at a far more complicated situation than a Cyber conflict. More analysis to come.

Former LulzSec Member