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27 March 2013

Parastoo Warns Free Software License Killers

TO : FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION, license-violation[at]

During the extensive research we have done for an upcoming release, Two Major Satellite Developer Company based in U.S (both U.S.G. and Army contractors for sensitive projects around the globe) found to be involved in extreme number of FSF and alike licenses violation .

We do not have any intentions to persuade this angle obviously due to our own obligations but we as full or partial users of software under FSF and as a bunch whose several members have had good time committing in mainstream GNU software long ago, would like to let you know about it.

We will provide more than enough technical details in our report so that assumption is many people will easily confirm, document and refurbish it for you to be used in a court of Law.

Our release same as the other are going to published in all or some of these address: AnonNews, Twitter#OPISRAELbyParastoo, Wikileaks,, cryptome , liberationtech and maybe more coverage by others later as well.

This message was intended to give you a heads up for 7th April.

We are certain, at some points the Vendors are not going to comply with FSF Licenses since publication of the source will hurt their monopoly real bad.

We presume you need to go far and we hope not only some law is able to limit them, you can get the time and money you put in back.

Please send us a fax after the release if you need more help. Our volunteer members are always ready to make life hard for companies who misuse public code and, particularly in this case, help a government to kill civilians.

We do want this truth out. Folks deserve to know if their coded software under GNU is being actively used to kill innocent people somewhere.