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18 March 2013

Pollard and Manning Pardon Both

Both Jonathan Pollard and Bradley Manning served as military intelligence analysts, Pollard for the Navy, Manning the Army.

Pollard allegedly delivered suitcases-full of hardcopy classified documents to the Israeli Embassy, the day's legally protected drop box. Manning delivered comparable amounts, if not more, by copying to digital disks and thumbdrives, then digitally transmitting to the legally protected drop boxes of WikiLeaks.

Pollard was caught by reporting of an inside informer. Manning was caught by reporting of an insider informer.

Pollard was prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for life for espionage. Manning is on trial for espionage facing imprisonment for life.

After first distancing itself from Pollard, Israel is now seeking his release with a well-supported public campaign. Notable Israelis and thousands of others have a signed a petition to Obama for Pollard's release. Obama said recently Pollard committed a grave crime and he does not intend to immediately release Pollard.

After seeing material disclosed by Manning, countries, notables and thousands of others from around the world are calling for his release. Petitions have been delivered to Obama for his release. Obama has stated Manning a committed serious crime and if found guilty should be punished.

Pollard was tried in a civil court with civil protections.

Manning is being tried in a military court with military protections.

Pollard has served 28 years of his sentence.

Manning has been in detention for three years.

Pollard claims he acted for patriotism.

Manning claims he acted for patriotism.

Pollard allegedly revealed highly classified inadequately protected information. His sentence is said to be a warning to others.

Manning used high technology to transfer inadequately protected information. His prosecution is said to be a warning to others.

Information security measures have improved following both breaches.

Pollard and Manning, pardon both for disclosing inadequate protection of classified information.