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7 April 2013

Polygraph Countermeasures has published a set of documents on polygraph countermeasures. Deceptive persons can use countermeasures to fool the polygraph, and owing to the high error rate associated with polygraph screening, truthful persons may also wish to use them to mitigate the risk of a false positive outcome.

Publicly, polygraphers claim that countermeasures don't work and that they can easily detect them. But these documents, prepared by polygraphers for the training of other polygraphers and not intended for public dissemination, tell a different story.

These documents also show that the polygraph community is deeply concerned about the information provided by in our free book, The Lie Behind the Lie Detector and by Doug Williams in his manual, "How to Sting the Polygraph," which is offered for sale at Interestingly, the polygraph community does not seem to be remotely interested in Al Qaeda's views on the polygraph, which found and translated to English in 2002. None of the polygraph documents, even one presented at an international counterterrorism conference in 2005, mention that.

The documents, with brief descriptions of each, are available here:

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