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20 May 2013

Lord Stevens (Sir John Stevens) Sold Secrets

A sends:

Below is a story that has just broke in the UK, for legal reasons the paper cannot name the senior former police officer. Can you please do this (public interest). The former officer is Lord Stevens (Sir John Stevens).

The Metropolitan Police gagged the Leveson Inquiry over claims that one of Blair's top officers sold secrets to the News of the World

Timing: Lord Justice Leveson was unable to refer to bombshell report

Tom Harper

20 May 2013

The Met "gagged" the Leveson Inquiry from revealing intelligence that a very senior former police officer passed on sensitive information to the News of the World, the Standard reveals today.

The force claimed a "public interest immunity certificate" to ban the disclosure of a report that alleged the officer was obtaining highly confidential information on decisions taken by Lord Blair when he was Commissioner.

The classified document, which the Met withheld from the Leveson Inquiry until after it could have been usefully raised in the public hearings, suggested the officer — who is not named for legal reasons — passed the leak on to the tabloid for money.

When it was finally passed to the inquiry, Scotland Yard claimed "public interest immunity" which prevented Lord Justice Leveson from referring to it in public or considering it for the conclusions in his landmark report into inappropriate relationships between the press and police.