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17 June 2013

Iraq Spy?

A sends:

I randomly stumbled across some interesting information. The Iraqi National Intelligence Service' (INIS) website, at least until May 1, 2012, was "" (one can view all available archived pages as per availability)

It posted a message saying the website is now shifted to a new domain ""

Some interesting lookup was found when accessing the registrant info using a simple search:


Facebook ID linked to email provided:

Sample pic:

He shared an praiseworthy tribute to one "Ahmad al-Imran" who reportedly went to a US Air Force base in Texas for aviation training, was offered a good job but "returned back to help rebuild his country's airforce".


Likes --> "Red Hat", "VA Mortgage" (what?), "Microsoft" and "Ubuntu One"


Apparently he was an instructor of MCSE and CCNA, or so it seems. Only 1 archive of his website "" was found:

Now please see info for the new domain:

Could this individual be an Iraqi intelligence operative? Or was the previous website as well as the new one simply be a fan-created forum?