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13 June 2013

Iran Use of Fake Reporters

A sends:

A rather funny piece aired by IRIB, Iranian state-run TV, showing IRIB reporter demonstrates impersonating a BBC Persian reporter and goes to northern parts of Tehran asking people about the election and U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Interestingly, most people do not answer to BBC, some make various degrees of insults and some speak directly in favor of the government, citing the elections as their choices to make things better for Iran and the sanctions against Iran is "NOT" about the nuclear program in their view.

Besides what anybody would make of the content, there is a new type of "soft encounter" Iran demonstrates to its western rivals after many events including hacking into CAs and dismantling espionage cases by injecting high ranking military officers into exiled groups who later make appearances in Tehran and tell about their eventful days consulting Western intelligence agencies on how to go about overthrowing the Iranian regime.

News reporters and press associates in or out of Iran might be IRIB agents possessing unseemly look and feel, even with cards and logos and crew. It was nearly 9 years ago when Bush signed a secret finding to CIA to start a covert war against Iran using non-lethal operations mostly by media outlets and propaganda tools, as revealed by ABC news. Now it seems like his Iranian counterparts were sort of busy as well.