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15 June 2013

Understate the Hyperbole


A sends:

This may be a trivial question to be bothering you with, so please forgive me in advance if it is.

I am really curious about the last sentence of the document. "Please respond to this letter within 10 days of the date hereon."

I seem to be seeing this same sentence with slight modification, and some, with added threat of further prosecution if not complied with, etc. I'm just curious if you're aware of any actual legal standing to such a statement or is it just a ploy to try and show some sort of authority or legalese in hopes of intimidating the recipient?


We publish such letters as our respectful response to the huffer-bluffer -- all our few readers are precious human capital with diametrically opposing views, praise be for healthy disagreement and inspired insult.

That most often satisfies the gargler who wants to prove a threat has been made -- usually because a constituent has vomited on a doorstep.

There is seldom any follow-up. A pity.

A few times Cryptome has been shutdown but after public bellyaching it goes to a back-up site immediately or moves to an ISP which refuses to hire a real lawyer, preferring cheap metronomic digital armwaving: Hit F1 key for cease and desist as generously provided by the DMCA and nothing else to do Anonymous-mimicking DHS fusion centers (forget about DoJ- or NSA- or PRC-grade hacking).

We don't mind being shutdown, pray for being rat cheese for pests rather than only sneakthief siphons and spy bots -- why else run an ad-sanitized, unpaid web site -- that indicates we are not being ignored by at least one or two highly energized preyers.

Now the snoozer: It's praise, prizes and ample funding that corrupts and imprisons, turns marginal and unburdened bloggers into wretched hyperventilating celebrities with politicians, prosecutors, journalists, documentarians, fans and lawyers puking upside their Escalades, befouling their klieg-lit civil-lib dower-glower-and-speechify crowd-funders, or best media-foodie, outside their Embassy bolthole or BoP SHU or HK unsafe house, piggishly demanding ever more slop.

Snooze at the provocateurs, understate the hyperbole, like advertising and politics less is more, mute the siren of F1 key.

Snooze this.

A few concluding, really:

Huge hyperverbal slop about Edward Snowden, but only a wee bit of healthy fare or hunger for the global and spatial technology girding the NSA and ilk inescapable black hole. Virtually all of the verbal slop is recycled adjectival- and adverbial-overloaded babble (hardly as eloquent and terse as Snowden's), whether avidly intentionally or helplessly unintentionally diverting attention from what Snowden has just barely revealed about the literal rather than metaphorical "architecture of oppression." A pity if that white water flood drowns him while he is trying to spill black water elite scribes and shills are incapable of assaying. That certainly assures secrets will be darkly kept beneath the Pulitzer carpet.

Really beneficial for the public if Snowden will evade his media handlers and dump the reservoir beyond their water-drip hyperbole -- which mirrors official secretkeeping.