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11 June 2013

Wargaming Disclosures

The ease with which digital material can be disclosed corresponds to the greater ease of tracing its creation, duplication, anonymization, sanitation, transmittal, receipt, use and distribution -- indefintely.

This has been an ancient tradition of analogue material -- smoke, drums, odor, accent, skin color, language, movement, semaphore, voice, paper, radio -- updated for the digital era which is claimed to be promiscuously superior, most of the time but not always, to ancient practices of alternating truth and deceit.

Today, for example, highly classified digital material is covertly tagged for this purpose, and tests are run to determine validity of protective measures.

Counterintelligence programs insert tagged material -- genuine and spurious -- continually to test effectiveness of identifying source, transmittal route, receipt, use and distribution.

Use of witting and unwitting players in this disclosure wargame is mandatory to provide reliable provenance and credibility to tagged disclosures.

Deployment of easy to difficult clues to taggants  -- active, passive, switchable -- lures security experts into believing the system has been witted or outwitted, verifications and decoys have been spotted, recognized or neutralized: AV and comsec wizards maximize monetizing this conceit, then reputation established, are hired to cloak these orchestrated discoveries with reliable provenance and credibility.

This assures every means of digital disclosure can be quietly tracked from start to finish, through observation, recording and analysis of sysadmins (ever susceptible to panoptic-empowering compromise), vainglorious coders, end to end encrytion, anonymizers, drop boxes, air-gaps, camouflage, insiders and outsiders, rogues and heros, informants and academics, in short, every known and most -- only most, never perfect, assure funding -- unknown forms of cloaking and simulating disclosures.

A favorite technique is observe behavior and communications of those who claim to be impervious to these systems, by privilege, by skill, by technical wizardy, by being an insider player of the wargame. The louder the bragging of counterspying the more likely used for ensnaring the gullible. Rife, complicit disclosure means -- via disreputable leaking and reputable media dressing -- are others.

That said, what can be done?

Join the wargame, expect betrayal by the wargames makers, expect duplicity and no mercy, consider safety of alliances, friendly, sucking-up co-optation of insiders, everyday cheating and lying, fratricide, suicide tracking, forgery, blowback, corrupting and overloading and swarming the system, copying and countering counterintelligence initiatives, doubling and reversing and cracking and mirroring the panopticon, give no mercy except as ruse.

Deploy the triple, innumerable, cross -- ever deeping violation of the rules of war and wargames -- far beyond double cross, of rigged triumph, hegemony and supremacy of one's kind of oneness. Avoid crowds and armies and faiths and most of all secret keepers -- digital and human  -- protests, collectives, interest groups, freedom fighters/terrorists, disclosure sites and advocates, promissaries of safety. security, comsec, privacy, national security.

Do not flaunt and advertise your game, beware those recruiting for theirs -- and they are nearly inescapable online, especially on SM and the anti's of popularity and celebrity. Remain olfactorily, invisibly, inaudiably, unbehaviorly transparent, avoid traps of "transparency" and "openness." Never reveal yourself to wargames players, leech and lurk, do not fall for encouragement by leaders to vaingloriously destroy yourself for their game win.

For the moment, presume mass communications is a trap as with mass entertainment and politics. Later, armored with worldly contempt and paranoia, bereft of intercourse, consumed by self-disgust, presume the highest level of protection of secretkeeping, social withdrawal and isolation leads to prefect conquest of certainty: godlike, abyssmally ignorant psychopathic urge to slaughter imagined enemies in your narcissitic image.