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13 July 2013

Underground Iranian Hacker Forum

Found this link in an apparent underground Iranian hacker forum - the content are mostly in "inside codes" while being unencrypted but reading through them long enough proves a group responsible for the attacks to U.S energy sector is preparing for a "release" mostly on nuclear related data. Meanwhile they are also showcasing initial images from a "MicroSTAR" system based in NY that was hijacked a while back and got close to JFK according to FBI and FAA. Based on previous knowledge this type of "data spill" is a sign of soon to be published data on some organized and long prepared attack result from some state-favored hacking groups, certainly Iranian. I have followed back their messages on Cryptome in recent months and these tidbits fit into their already published "promises". I am wondering is this the type of deal the new Iranian government wants to represent itself with to the international community ?